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Worldwide Energy Crisis Solution Ends All Conflicts !

Posted on Monday, September 23, 2013 11:08 AM

September 23, 2013

Hello Everyone,

If you could put into one word - ALL worldwide conflicts, worries & problems as well as the SOLUTION from which everything - problems & single solution - flow, what would the word be? = ENERGY ! The person, company (ies) or country who controls ENERGY, controls the world. President Putin figured this out. The entire solution is NOT controlling fossil based energy of the world however, instead producing entire country's needs based on renewable green SUSTAINABLE ( which solar & wind are NOT ) is the complete solution. This eliminates both fossil & nuclear sources.

To put this in different words - any country having renewable, green, sustainable energy for all needs - transportation & grid supply, also has no need of fossil fuel or nuclear & no carbon footprint. It would no longer be necessary for that country or any country to intervene militarily anywhere in the world.

Taking this to the ultimate IMPACT level, ANY COUNTRY BASING ITS CURRENCY VALUATION ON DOMESTICALLY PRODUCED SUSTAINABLE, RENEWABLE, GREEN ENERGY - NOT ON FOSSIL FUEL which when you really get down to it the USA dollar is based on NOT gold as witnessed by the rise of energy costs ~ price of the barrel ~ price of a gallon of gasoline - would control world currencies while achieving ultimate domestic economic stability - no longer affected by the price of the barrel crude. This means achieving a thriving economy including surplus jobs, the highest life style(s) & standards of living, free education & health care - in short & in one word PROSPERITY.

Energy Miser's ORC & Brayton Cycle Fuel Cell applied to both transportation & grid supply achieves precisely above described with no carbon footprint, uses existing geographic footprints and nearly overnight !

The transportation application of the "package" into existing EVs (electric vehicles) creates unparalleled opportunity on all levels. Using existing assembly line components & working capital, car manufacturers would enjoy tremendous savings with vastly increased profits; purchasers enjoy 20 years of free "fuel" transportation along with power for their homes for 20 years & significant income (monthly) selling surplus energy to the grid; assembly line technicians could finance their EVs through the manufacturer allowing early retirement - 5 years- along with grid revenue checks replacing the traditional labor union supplied retirement burdens. Labor unions would collect less dues from members YET have more for union benefits as grid revenue checks now relieve previous burden of union contracted retirement costs !

Line assembly car manufacturer employees who choose early retirement due to monthly grid checks, could either start their own businesses or go to college for specific degrees - doctors dentists engineers lawyers etc. , while having the revenue stream to afford anything they choose ! This also means countries with struggling economies now prevalent around the world especially Spain, citizens could go directly from High School into 5 year retirement plan car manufacturer JOBS, retire in 5 years then start their own businesses or go to college as they are financially "independent."

My intent is create a worldwide Economic, Industrial, Social Peaceful Revolution bringing participating countries BACK from the edge of economic, social & industrial collapse while restoring PROSPERITY for ALL!


Bob Stevens