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World catches on!

Posted on Friday, September 06, 2013 11:23 AM

9/4/13 Update:

Hi Everyone! 

I notice constant expansion of site visits from both existing (previous) countries and new ones like Japan ! I conclude they must have "caught on" to the true potential & real intent of my fuel cell.

Post ultralight flight, I will implement my fuel cell into EV production line in the home country of the European VC Group. This means existing EV lithium battery removal "displaced" by my fuel cell package.

Really "cool" is FACT - when EV returns home, home plugs into vehicle thus receiving electric supply from vehicle with surplus sold back to the grid. What I am saying is "Transportation" application of my fuel cell generator package also supplies grid in addition to the grid supply side application.

My intent is create a Worldwide Industrial, Economic Revolution with resulting Social especially political PEACEFUL revolution. Energy is the heart of every issue causing economic, social & political chaos - esp political because politicians exploit by distorting real issue into that of their choosing to then retain power in the form of MONEY & retention of office(s) at every level thus CONTROL & DICTATE to the population(s).

A perfect example is so called "global warming" the greatest HOAX ever perpetrated on the world. Even now politicians carefully rephrase - as they constantly do when loosing ground - to climate change - by the way, when they can stand in front of a hurricane or earthquake & raise their hands commanding both to stop, that is when they can DO something useful - do any of you THINK this will ever happen??. They spin their lies as "scientific" evidence instead of observing concrete indisputable FACTS. When confronted with their LIES, they immediately revert to NAME CALLING , INTIMIDATION through name calling & intentionally character assassination while demanding "respect!" Well, respect is a 2 way street & must be EARNED not DEMANDED along with their threats of "punishment."

The global warming HOAX is now greatly surpassed by the wind & solar HOAX ! They are NOT sustainable and codependent upon wind & light - in short , weather conditions which are controlled by sunlight. Economically speaking, they are NOT sustainable & are artificially propped in place by substantial tax credits & subsidies here in the USA.

Here is the mortal flaw - in a DEPRESSION, which the USA remains in, despite "political LIES" that

we "recovered," with everyone working PART TIME at REDUCED wages so they keep their jobs thanks to OBAMA's "health care" = TAX bill as it was passed as a TAX by the Supreme Court, tax REVENUES are at an all time low and raising taxes or following AMERICANS around the world to squeeze more taxes from them simply will NOT raise sufficient revenues to offset lucrative tax credits & benefits given to Wall Street "green energy" investors. They purchase 5 year finance packages of wind mills for example, then offset their profits from other areas of business. The obvious result is FAR less tax revenues as they pay none using legal loop holes & deductions set up by Obama to support his wind & solar agenda.

Energy Miser's 2 point approach being transportation & grid supply, stands on its own, creates jobs worldwide, creates income in the case where individuals driving EM's package EVs sell surplus back to grid - this income provides ongoing retirement thus displacing social insecurity or labor union pension(s) or income allowing one or both husband & wife to stay home - if they have 2 or more EVs!

More discussion to come!

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On!

Bob Stevens