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What Would Happen: China

Bob Stevens: Posted on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 12:15 PM

Greetings Everyone & Welcome Back!

Today I thought I'd look at one country - China - in the event either a EMP / Electromagnetic Pulse strikes naturally or as a result of "terrorist attack." The reasons I pick China are because they are the leading number of visits to this blog & more than likely, a "terrorist attack" would actually come from North Korea.

In one of my previously posted articles to this blog site, I quoted news articles revealing both China & North Korea are experimenting with electromagnetic pulse weapons. With growing recent friction between these two countries, it appears a matter of time when a desperate North Korea running out of food & water (which they already nearly have), has nothing to lose by detonating a nuclear device at altitude over China.

To recall information provided by previously posted article here from news sources, in the case of the USA, 1 device detonated at 20,000 feet over the middle of USA would wipe out the country for decades. As North Korea does not have the delivery system at present to attack the USA, China is a likely target / victim.

This could happen as a result of a North Korean "test" where rocket "veers off course." In any event, IF China has PPP EVs in place & properly shields national grid infrastructure along with critical support computers etc. impact of attack would be minimal.

The same could be said for any country - USA, Germany, UK, Europe etc having PPP EVs (immune to EMP events) in place along with properly shielded national grid infrastructure, computers, communications etc.

I see clearly, PPP EVs offering "rapid deployment / implementation" as the sole protection in the event of a "Carrington Event" (1859) where disasterous results would be averted. There really is not a lot of time at this point to begin preparations, although in the case of PPP EVs it takes a matter of weeks to implement national grids.

I highly recommend if you haven't read previous articles here, that you go back as far as you need to in order to understand the language & technolgy of what I write about.

There is more than hope now, including a plan to implement thus preventing inevitable disaster......

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens