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Waiting IS Most Difficult Part!

Bob Stevens: Posted on Wednesday, December 25, 2013 2:47 PM

Greeting Worldwide Friends !

You are now over 45 countries with numerous cities within those countries visiting this site. While I certainly do not speak all the languages of your countries, all of you speak English (I'm still working on American English !).

The most difficult part of any project or individual attempt, is by far, the waiting ! I am now more than 6 months past original projected funding date for Phase 1, which as you know Phase 1 builds the 1st working prototype 50 kw (preferred 50 kw) ORC Fuel Cell.

The Venture Capital Group in Europe became involved with a multiBILLION dollar project in Dubai. They remain in Dubai where they are still setting up construction projects for over 80 sites! As soon as they get everything under control in Dubai, they can return to their home country & fund Phase 1 !

For my part, waiting is the most difficult part as I do not like sitting still. The direct result of my desire to keep moving, compels me to continue R & D . Over the past 6 months, I developed the "worldwide model" :

~ How to set up ORC FUEL CELL nationwide grids.

~ How to set up assembly line production / implementation of my ORC Fuel Cell Package into EVs

~ Selection of 2 vehicles I will build one is my original MGB based protype & other is - are you ready for this?? - the Avanti (if I can secure production rights to it as it currently is in federal hands) !

~ Redesign & current EV design improvements.

~ Marketing Strategies both for worldwide EV manufacturers & multinational country' grids.

I envision EV car sales financed by local grid companies through local banks at point of sale @ dealerships with residuals (profit from grid supply sales) going both to the car manufacturer & Energy Miser (my company). Not only will car manufacturers make all time HUGE profits at point of sale, they will also receive residual profits from 20+ year grid supply contracts along with consumer purchasing EVs!

Since the "loan" on EV - in reality a portable power plant - is guaranteed by grid company & unless we ALL stop using electricity worldwide - not likely - ANYONE would "qualify" to purchase vehicle and set themselves up for free utilities / monthly revenues for life of contract / EV !

This literally happens - due to mass production - overnight & while country's grid power source through my ORC Fuel Cell design is ramped up / completed.

Taken to ultimate completion, when any country bases / values its currency on domestically produced, renewable, sustainable, green specifically my ORC Fuel Cell energy, that country OVERNIGHT produces a stable, sustainable, NON fossil fuel based currency, therefore instant prosperity for all its citizens!

For further example, IF the USA transformed its grid supply & transportation to my ORC Fuel Cell based system then changed the valuation of the dollar to domestically produced - in this manner - sustainable green NON TAX CREDIT / SUBSIDIES, it automatically & instantly creates an Economic Revolution. Currencies based on fossil - as they currently are - devalue to nearly nothing UNLESS their currency is based on the USA dollar!


USA's $25 TRILLION deficit would be wiped out overnight!

I have GREAT EXPECTATIONS for 2014 - do ALL of you as well ?

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens