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True Measure of Success

Bob Stevens: Posted on Monday, January 12, 2015 1:53 PM

Hello Everyone & Welcome!

Usually I present technical & social impact articles here, but today I wanted to present a different topic namely the true measure of success.

The true measure of success is never money or the amount of money one gains or makes from any endeavor. Most of the world looks at money - how much someone has, who is the richest person, their possessions (of the "wealthy") including homes, cars, private planes, amount of money in banks - in short "net worth" of "admired" person with envy & contempt.

Money, by far, is the worst measure of success as it is an after effect. There is no consideration as to how the money was accumulated - was it made in legitimate enterprise(s) or in drug deals? Who did it benefit or who was murdered (drugs) to gain? Was it passed on from generation to generation thereby recipients have no respect for people and no appreciation of struggle? What was the social impact i.e. "betterment" of humanity? What is the lasting legacy left behind?

Another false indicator is "popularity." Rock stars. movie stars even some political figures. Again popularity not only is not a true indicator of success, but is also fleeting by nature Popular today, forgotten tomorrow and usually age of the person accelerates the "fleeting nature." Popularity in many cases is really about how many people are taken in or fooled!

In my view, the true measure of success is how many lives worldwide are impacted for the better in their lives especially and particularly people you do not know and likely will never meet. How many does your path / mission impact for personal freedom for them? Empowering them in their mission while on this side (and everyone is unique & has a particular, important mission)? How many people does your mission bring together, unify versus tear apart as the politicians in the USA and much of the world currently do?

Both connecting people to their own INTUITIVE center and especially passing this on to everyone, I consider an important part if not key to everyone's success. It is one thing to watch an individual accomplish some tremendous feat - perhaps an Olympic athlete, or a soccer star, football / basketball star perform etc., but all to often people / individuals remove themselves from that event saying "well that person is great, but I could never do that- never in a million years." Too often people instead of allowing that event to connect them to their own inner INTUITION built in guidance center, turn to hero worship / idolizing some person / event.

The point is this: each person is unique, has something to offer / special mission to inspire all humanity to reach higher & further. Each person can impact and affect millions. So how big is your mission? If you are struggling now, perhaps alone against tremendous seemingly insurmountable odds with no one standing with you and everyone criticizing you, guess what? You are right on track / target for great accomplishment - it is a matter of time and when you are connected to your inner Intuition / mission, time is on your side = each day brings you closer to final achievement especially as you choose to keep moving!

The best way to "die," is in the act of climbing, setting the pace, achieving, reaching, pushing the boundaries, living way beyond the cutting edge. Alternatively you can ignore your inner drive / vision driven mission and live a life of silent desperation - a jellyfish floating in the ocean until eventually you wash up on a beach and cease to exist....

In the end, it is all about choices and the choice is yours.....

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Them Pass It On

Bob Stevens