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Transforming 95 MILLION American Families Into MULTIMILLIONAIRES - PPP EV Implementation Impact / Outcome

Bob Stevens: Posted on Monday, July 31, 2017 1:12 PM

Hello and Welcome Everyone,

Today I will cover the direct impact & outcome upon supplying 95 million American families with PPP EVs (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles) step by step. The USA plan calls for round the clock "24 / 7" WWII style all out production. 1,250,000 PPP EVs per month supply rate would take 6 years 7 months to complete the 95 million PPP EV roll out. Bundled sales with same number of conventional vehicles, doubles total monthly production rate to 2,500,000 vehicles.

This means American families transform into multi millionaires at a rate of 1,250,000 per month. Monthly incomes with renewable 20 year national grid supply contracts & at 200 kw will be $26,000+ @ 7% tax rate. Over 20 years gross income per PPP EV owner is $6 million+.Based on these numbers, the "Feds" would intake $2 TRILLION PER YEAR (95 MILLION PPP EVs supplying national grid 200 KW per PPP EV) from this ONE (1) revenue stream alone. Of great significance - as Feds receive their 7% moment to moment- there is NO need to file taxes as there will be NO refund (using this method); automatically the IRS transforms into a streamlined, downsized agency as there is NO need for audits, delinquent tax collection(s) etc. There will be additional "traditional" revenue streams as well for the "Feds." The current national deficit WILL BE ELIMINATED within 8 years!

ALL politicians receive 1st off production line PPP EVs THE DAY THEY LEAVE OFFICE from their 2nd term (2 year term limits). They retire as multimillionaires @ 7% tax rate -IN ADDITION TO NORMAL 100% retirement. Politicians already serving 2 terms have "immediate retirement option" being they retire immediately, receive their PPP EV, then a special election held to replace them.

I suggest you go back and read previous articles for specific details but to refresh memories, PPP EVs generate residual revenue streams only when plugged into and supplying the national grid (of any country). This means at the point of sale (as covered in previous blogs) sale of the PPP EV is bundled with a convention vehicle of the PPP EV purchaser's choice. This adds an additional 1,250,000 conventional vehicles per month - existing dealer(ship) inventories would quickly disappear in favor of "built to order" conventional vehicles delivered simultaneous with PPP EVs. This streamlines and displaces car sales people as only "order coordinators" are necessary and just "BTW" (by the way) previous vehicle sales people would own then retire via PPP EVs! "Coordinators" accommodating PPP EVs & conventional sales even with a per unit fee reduction, would see incomes rise 10 fold or more because of sheer volume of pre-sold vehicles (waiting list / lotto list). The entire AMERICAN manufacturing "base" would really have to stretch to overtake demand especially production parts & components - just think of job demand / new factories creation........

The direct and indirect economic impact of creating / transforming 95 MILLION American families into multimillionaires ( same will be true in any country such as China, India, Japan, Germany, France etc. ) results in disposable income for the said 95 million families driving a true consumer driven economy complete with skyrocketing demand for all consumer goods - housing, clothes, travel, restaurant , travel, entertainment industries etc.

Like Dubai, this also creates a professional & labor shortage thus rising wages ( recruiting incentive ) to fill positions - NO ONE LEFT BEHIND ECONOMICALLY as DEMAND to FILL ALL positions compels LUCRATIVE wages as incentive. Illegal "immigrants" become a thing of the past - here's how. Those illegally here in the USA will be given the opportunity of voluntarily returning immediately to their native countries - AT THEIR expense. In return, the American government creates a list of LEGAL re-entry (process) IN THE ORDER voluntary "repatriates" with their native countries- return to their country or in other words the first who return to native countries are the first to return to the USA via LEGAL PROCESS = 1st out 1st BACK. This streamlines ICE moreover creates "processing / NEW LEGAL PROCESS" agent shortage. IRS agents no longer needed would transfer to ICE!

The LEGAL PROCESS includes complete assigned counseling, aptitude tests, then training complete with career / job / labor / assembly line etc. placement along with housing - ALL PAID FOR BY WAGE EARNINGS OF NEW LEGAL IMMIGRANTS - fully welcomed to fill new high paying positions migrating then assimilate into AMERICAN society ( OUR way NOT theirs ). REQUIRED ENGLISH COURSE MUST ALSO BE CERTIFIED COMPLETED. "Pay advances" by the accepting / recruiting companies drawn from a "money pool fund" set up by same to the LEGAL immigrants via LEGAL PROCESS would provide method for LEGAL immigrants to pay for their training then housing etc. in other words PAY THEIR WAY & assimilate. This same " Legal Process System" would first be tested then refined with EXISTING AMERICAN FAMILIES until 100% employment reached - these are remaining Americans NOT provided PPP EVs ( possible new college graduates and / or those under 35 ). This approach / method precludes & prevents any LEGALLY PROCESSED immigrant candidate - and just that immigration status classification is legally processed candidate ( and YES, like college they are required to complete above described screening & training process with certificate upon job career placement ) - from threatening / taking any work, opportunity or job from AMERICANS - with this approach there is NO CONFLICT as EVERYONE PROFITS enjoying PROSPERITY.

Meanwhile, economically freed & now economically independent AMERICANS ( USA! USA! USA! ) with new found Prosperity via supplying the national grid with electric thus their monthly accumulating wealth, fuel the economic growth engine via consumer demand for everything ( much like post WWII demand ). This feeds & validates above paragraph meaning consumer driven demand economy compels unlimited total across the board NEW opportunities = manufacturing, housing, entertainment, travel etc.

The 95 million economically independent American families NO LONGER NEED ANY SOCIAL ASSISTANCE, MEDICAL / MEDICAID / MEDICARE, - in general, welfare / tax payer assisted programs of ANY type thus freeing American tax payers & the "Feds" of the HUGE economic burden(s). New welcomed immigrants PAY THEIR OWN WAY negating ANY need of "social assistance."

After absorbing above, everyone REALIZES THIS IS PURE CAPITALISM producing INEVITABLE PROSPERITY for ALL!! Over time politicians DESTROYED, PLUNDERED and economically GUTTED AMERICANS of their hard earned money(ies) through TAXATION and social payout programs let alone current health "insurance" (TAXATION) program. This article completely exposes politicians moreover it demonstrates THE solution = HOW we retake OUR country NOW while transforming EVERYONE into PROSPEROUS PRODUCTIVE LIVES. THIS IS WHAT AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM IS = DEMONSTRATING LIVING OUR INTUITIVE DRIVEN VISIONS ATTAINING PROSPERITY THROUGH PURE CAPITALISM as GUARANTEED BY THE CONSTITUTION =


( Quote Bob Stevens )

I will propose a "lottery" system determining how / dispersing order of PPP EVs . For example - top of the PPP EV recipients list will be wounded veterans / disabled veterans / surviving families of killed in action veterans AND victims/survivors of ALL terrorist attacks to date.

I plan to make a video prior to flight of the "Renewed American Spirit" detailing all above with additional information.

Quotes from Bob Stevens to remember -

"The True Measure of Real Success is the number of Human Lives / Human Race members (all of us) you bring Prosperity into especially the lives of those you do NOT know or will ever meet ...NOT the money one accumulates as money is an incidental side effect / result of success ......"

"True sustainable energy also creates simultaneous residual revenue streams for ALL at every strata throughout society in perpetuity."

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens

PS - I can't image WHY the WHITE HOUSE hasn't contacted me!!!!!! WHAT are they waiting for?? President Trump YOUR staff already took from this website then provided you -for example- in your State of the Union Address where YOU called for "a renewal of American Spirit" - did you alter the language to avoid lawsuit (which is NOT my intent)?? WHERE ARE YOU - DO YOU NOT SUPPORT this project and REUNITING ALL AMERICANS NOW??????