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Terminology & Technology Review: PPP EV ~ EMP ~ Impact

Bob Stevens: Posted on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 12:29 PM

Hello Everyone Worldwide & Welcome Back!

Yesterday I went back through previous articles I posted here & thought it a good idea for today to review terminology, concepts, impact etc. The main reason I see for this is as the numbers of visitors increase (>quadrupled over past month), new visitors are at a disadvantage and may find terminology intimidating. This is not my intent as I want everyone to understand there is more than hope - we can unite and take simple action(s) resulting in prosperity for all along with new found personal freedom.

Let's begin with terminology definitions:

  • PPP EV - Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicle (dispersed autonomous energy).
  • ORC fuel cell - Organic Rankin Cycle "fuel cell" - my fuel cell actually produces, manages & distributes its own waste heat & waste heat is the "fuel."
  • The package: My ORC fuel cell combines with an "interface" and generator, outputs electricity.
  • EMP - Electromagnetic Pulse - largest one occurred in 1859 known as the Carrington event named after the observing astronomer.
  • Existing infrastructure - existing manufacturing / assembly lines with associated machinery, tools, methods etc.
  • Existing working capital - existing allocated working capital as in no need for new additional money(ies) funding or capital.
  • EMP shielding - that which protects anything electrical or electronic currently vulnerable to EMP. One such method is "Faraday shielding."
  • " Capitalism in its purest form transforms Socialism (poverty equally divided) into Prosperity for all."
  • "True sustainable energy also creates residual revenue streams for all."

When the package (ORC Fuel Cell ~ Interface ~ Generator) "drops" into an existing EV (electric vehicle). it transforms EFV into a portable power plant or dispersed autonomous energy as EV is mobile while eliminating all lithium batteries - they are rendered obsolete. At point of manufacture, EMP shielding is incorporated into PPP EV making it immune to EMP (electromagnetic pulse).

Currently, lithium batteries per EV cost ranges from $30,000 to $80,000. Tax subsidies & credits buffer this high cost but at the expense of the tax payer. Current depressed world economies of various countries also have decreased number of jobs; jobs create tax revenues; when job numbers are down, taxes & tax revenues are down. Tax subsidies & credits increase the tax burden to tax payers thus more money deducted from paychecks. This cycle is self defeating eventually ending in total economic collapse like what happened in Spain! Tax subsidies & credits for unsustainable solar & wind = economic "genocide."

Implementation of EMP immune PPP EVs means a "Genesis effect" takes place in any economy. Let's look at how this happens. Utilizing existing infrastructure & "re tasking" existing working capital (by using existing money allocated per vehicle for electric vehicle lithium batteries - for example Tesla's $75,000 battery cost, Tesla saves > $60,000 per vehicle IF the package manufactured under license costs is $15,000 per vehicle - this cost will drop by half as production numbers increase), EV manufactures actually free up substantial amounts of existing working capital thus there is no need for new loans or "capitalization." PPP EVs use existing infrastructure & existing working capital - in reality saving a substantial portion of existing working capital. This directly translates into soaring profits both immediate & long term especially when residual grid revenues are factored in (PPP EV manufacturer also receives a per PPP EV / vehicle residual from grid supply).

Beginning at the top = government at the federal level, the "feds" set themselves up in new residual revenue streams as PPP EVs supply the grid under 10 year renewable grid supply contracts, collecting from the consumer - purchaser of the PPP EV who now "retires" as job or business income is no longer needed. Instead they receive monthly residuals from supplying power to the national grid - taxes are prepaid or deducted by the feds from monthly check. True consumer driven economy(ies) is / are the inevitable outcome. Furthermore, federal residual revenues from grid supply by PPP EVs could actually replace income tax altogether along with colossal tax collection bureaus as it becomes a "national energy tax"directly collected or deducted from monthly grid revenue checks paid to PPP EV owners. This in turn frees more disposable income for the consumer now relieved from paying feral or local income tax(es).

The above describes how -because of existing mass production- an overnight Industrial & Economic "Revolution" takes place via simple implementation of PPP EVs or Dispersed Autonomous Energy EMP immune. Prosperity for all is established. Energy independence is established. As national currency valuation switches from "price of the barrel crude" to domestically produced true sustainable energy, currency becomes world standard & invincible especially as national grid is EMP immune with resulting devaluation of any currency based upon crude oil (as the world is now!). Crude oil value along with any national currency based on it plummets to zero.....Economic & energy independence along with personal economic independence & freedom complete with new residual disposable income becomes the "new norm." Dispersed Autonomous Energy, sustainable energy along with residual revenue streams established for all replace all entitlement programs, welfare, high tax rates, high utility rates - in short PPP EVs pay for themselves as they establish new residual revenue streams (for all).

I hope above enlightens & clarifies for all visitors to this site studying information / concepts presented.

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens