Solving Ukraine's Crisis Via PPP EVs = Global Ambassadors of Prosperity & Peace

Bob Stevens: Posted on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 4:39 PM

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I keep looking at the positive, uplifting, unifying & prosperous impact 10 million PPP EVs (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles) introduced into Ukraine would have, restoring peace & prosperity along with energy independence then wonder how I could help this happen asap.

10 million PPP EVs mean 10 million families have economic independence - no longer have to work or own business except as "hobby businesses" because of selling surplus energy back to grid. 100 kw PPP EV in Ukraine translates to approximately $100,000 annual or likely much more ($150,000) paid on a monthly bases. They now have disposable, "retirement" and most important residual income - uninterrupted. They now can purchase a home, travel, dine out buy consumer goods like clothes, electronics and furniture. Freedom with numerous possibilities. Meanwhile federal revenues flourish as they are paid moment to moment on a hourly, daily, weekly or any way they choose basis.

10 million PPP EVs powering Ukraine's grid also could be exported even to Russia - yes Russia especially now with crude oil prices collapsing, Russia's economy & economic well being would be tied to electric supply from Ukraine - WHY would Russia choose to "make war" on Ukraine? This ushers in and establishes crucial economic bonds benefiting both countries especially Russia. PPP EVs = Dispersed Autonomous Energy.

Obviously increasing PPP EV numbers over initial 10 million, increases both domestic & energy exported (net energy exporter) electricity while securing both nations (energy independence = national security!). I also consider the fact, PPP EVs are EMP Electromagnetic Pulse protected thus protecting national grids from frequent & impending EMP pulse events. A "Carrington" sized (1859) EMP event will occur in the next 10 years - everyone is in complete agreement- but no one knowswhen this will happen - could be today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or the last day of year 10 - no one really knows only that this will happen.

In the USA, when the expected & predicted Carrington event occurs, 90% of the population will perish in the first year! Everything electrical / electronic / communications / satellites / everything shuts down in an instant! Only EMP protected devices / power sources would remain operational. No water, no food, can't withdraw money from banks or ATMs, no communication, no heat, no power etc. - this is a major literal earth shaking / global catastrophe on a certain collision course with planet earth....

PPP EVs are the sole & obvious solution to all the above.

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Bob Stevens