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Restore Inner Intuitive Driven Mission

Bob Stevens: Posted on Wednesday, May 09, 2018 12:47 PM

                                                        Hello and Welcome Everyone!

I find myself again, not posting for awhile, distracted by obtaining funding!

Today I read a post by 1st Lady Trump and found common ground with what she stated. She observed today's American (really all children) children are confronted by unparalleled obstacles / influences mainly internet and social media access. I would add the intentional, destructive brainwashing of / from what I call (accurately) the media HOs who seek the destruction through division of America, all Americans, American family values, our Constitution, our rights, our freedom(s) - the list is endless, The Democrat party -currently in full obstructionist & divisive (which they hypocritically term "diversity" -for it clearly is their intention with all actions to DIVIDE via HATE with accompanying VIOLENCE, not UNIFY) mode- must be held equally accountable as well. FEAR needs FUEL to perpetuate - ANGER IS THE FUEL generated by LIES / LYING TO THE PEOPLE THUS GENERATING HATE AND VIOLENCE - this is the sole mission of the Democrat party!

What disturbs me most, is the correctable, fundamental cause lay in the parents, yet not intentionally. When substance / alcohol / drug / sexual / social abuse patterns codependency on government for survival in form of entitlements become established by the Democrats then imposed and accepted by Americans, it takes 3 generations after establishing corrective behavior to set "right."

There are further obstacles, mainly parents who fall into "the pattern" imposed and inherited from their parents, are taught not to contact and develop their inner Intuitive Vision / guidance - if anything, ingrained is alienation from Intuition / Intuitive inner Vision! "Treating" the symptoms / results - namely the addictions / behavioral issues / social patterns and deviancy is never the solution and tragically empowers then perpetuates it instead . The cause must be identified then eradicated.

Where lack of inner INTUITIVE driven VISION exists, parents - thus the children- suffer and even worse, productive social achievement and contributions to entire Human Race become extinct - the entire Human Race loses! The "heart" of problem is the intentional alienating / separating / dividing / tearing of any Human Being away from their inner Intuitive driven mission. "Hoping for something to happen" is the result of reliance on human invented beliefs and all human belief is founded in human opinion - both are LIES following of which end inevitably in utter destruction (self and others). The sole answer is re establishing inner INTUITIVE GUIDANCE / INTUITIVE driven mission with full expectation(s).

As stated before, the goal of this website -now becoming a global movement especially post flight of the Renewed American Spirit- is economically transform the lives of 95 million American families overnight into multi millionaires (described in full detail in previous blog articles) thus restoring expectation of a solid productive future! Parents with expectations convey to the children the same, children are inspired both by parents expectations and inner Intuitive Vision / contact to set goals then take consistent action(s) until they receive their expectations. Children feed from parents successful expectations turned reality as role models.

The "need" of socially deviant behavior / drug and other abuse is the result of loss of direction / OBSTRUCTION then ALIENATION from inner Intuitive guidance / Vision. Restoring inner INTUITIVE VISION eliminates abhorrent deviant patterns / behavior - all of them via restoration of inner Intuitive driven mission(s). Realization of this fact = every human being is important and has a significant contribution to make to the entire Human Race which all of us are equal family members of.

To 1st Lady Trump ( and I have yet to hear anything from the White House ) I say join this site's movement, return the Vision to all Americans especially and particularly America's children - the VISION ONLY FROM WITHIN being INNER INTUITIVE DRIVEN VISION one of a prosperous, unified HUMAN RACE as originally created and intended everyone fellow equal family members - NO MORE DIVISION /' "DIVERSITY" FOR ANY REASON = SKIN COLOR / RELIGION / GENDER PHYSICAL APPEARANCE etc. 

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens