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Reflections On Past Year's Progress

Bob Stevens: Posted on Thursday, June 05, 2014 11:31 AM

Hello Everyone Worldwide and Welcome!

Today's post will be brief (again). I first want to thank all of you for your enthusiastic support - world visits now over 1400 per rolling 30 days from over 60 countries! I conclude from this, all of you are expecting and anticipating great success soon especially the proof of concept flight of the ultralight "Renewed American Spirit" - the critical step post prototype demo completion.

Upon funding, which now appears very close to reality, I redesign then build ultralight & trans USA flight commences, to Garden City Long Island, New York to Paris non stop - I can't wait....

When I reflect over past year - where I began - "stationary power plants" to where project grew now = Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles ( "PPP EVs"), the transformation or "genesis" that took place is impressive.

I began with stationary power plants ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle)~interface~generator large sized package ( 1 MW) then because of endless delays & "stories" from then VCs, myself not being one who stands still, continued developing project into what is known as "dispersed autonomous energy" - basically portable, self generating "automatic" & continuous green energy with no carbon & existing geographic footprint(s) on a global basis.

True impact of current project exceeds my original goal of unifying USA. Now flight of the "Renewed American Spirit" will unify the world, bringing prosperity in the form of green energy to all! Flight of the "Renewed American Spirit" will literally fly a path of unity & excitement / great anticipation across the USA & part of the world.

There is prosperity for all & everyone will be able / invited to participate. The world is desperate for real unifying leadership ending worldwide hostilities & war. I see the flight as an instrument or messenger demonstrating not only the proof of concept, but more importantly a message to world leaders = here is how to immediately unify your country through Capitalism - Prosperity for ALL and how to establish peace & prosperity with your neighbors & throughout the world; here is how to immediately establish real sustainable green energy along with residual revenue streams for ALL!

I expect flight will set off overnight immediate global Industrial & especially Economic PEACEFUL "Revolution" to EVERYONE'S immediate economic mutual benefit....

In conclusion, I hope you both catch & share this vision:

"Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On"

Bob Stevens

June 6, 2014