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Prosperity & Unity USA Blueprint Via PPP EVs

Bob Stevens: Posted on Saturday, November 12, 2016 3:54 PM

                                                         Hello and Welcome Everyone!

Congratulations PRESIDENT Trump!! Battle well fought and a great victory for all Americans and the world. You stood your ground against the media (HOs) obviously corrupt, biased and on the Clinton “foundation” payroll (especially Comey).

Mr. President, I would like you to consider this post – the impact of 90 million PPP EVs (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles) on our country. What would the impact be and how would it impact our recovery, unity and prosperity?

I highly recommend for newcomers to this site, review past blog posts here re: PPP EVs, definition / impact / implementation. Now I will cover only how to implement and what the impact will be manufacturing 90 million PPP EVs.

Let me begin with an original quote – “Capitalism in its purest form, transforms Socialism (Poverty equally divided) into Prosperity for All. “ Original Capitalism did this by automatically creating the bulk of wealth at the “base” (= you and I, small business owners – if you want it, you work for it!). Over the centuries & especially the past 8 decades, this was perverted (which also reveals/gives itself away in their moral choices / sexual life practices) by the ruling class (like the Democrats for example) – the “Aristocrats.” They literally reversed True Pure Capitalism by robbing the base through taxation and “social programs” = ENTITLEMENT, sending the wealth to the top – so called Socialists “leaders” (thus inherent corruption in Socialism). They also continued blaming problems Socialism creates on Capitalism! In order to overrule thus maintain economic control (and economic bondage is the worst of all bondage) over the masses robbing them of their personal freedom, FEAR tactics used were taxation, thought control through media control (brainwashing/concepts like “political correctness” vs. CONSTITUTIONAL ACCURACY) with subsequent enforcement via penalties including and in particular death for any “non conformist(s)!” Understand the connection = the media (I call media HOs as they are the whores of their pimps the politicians) and in turn the politicians are the HOs of their pimp(s) the Aristocrats who intimidate through FEAR literally & openly murdering anyone opposing them in the form of assassination or traditional war.

Aristocrats, through their “HO arm” = the Democrats & media, also rewrite history by lying about events, then dividing segregating (“social engineering”) entire populations according to skin color, religion, economic where-with-all, gender, age etc. (they leave no stone unturned in their all out war against all humanity!). By playing one segregated class (take your choice – which dividing method used), they get us to literally kill each other off! They undermine then destroy the very moral fiber of society –like Rome whose fall is directly attributed to the breakdown of the family unit and morals through perverse sexual practices.

This is the pattern and practice of Socialism - Aristocracy’s choice of “government” never forget this (again)! Introducing and implementing Capitalism in its Purest Form, transforms the curse and nightmare of Socialism into American Capitalism showcasing American Exceptionalism distributing bulk of the wealth at the base.

Let’s now look at how, 90 million PPP EVs will permanently transform global society into residual prosperous free people – for when you create personal economic independence, individual freedom is simultaneously established!

I checked the numbers –which are “sketchy” at best- and it appears an average number of cars manufactured in the USA, is about 5 million annually. Based on this number and in order to manufacture 90 million PPP EVs (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles), Detroit (and other USA locations) would go to an immediate “WWII around the clock production model i.e. three 8 hour shifts.” Assuming only 15 million PPP EVs manufactured here in the USA annually, it would take 6 years to reach target goal of 90 million PPP EVs. Think of job numbers created in order to meet production numbers and especially impact on –for example- the ghost “town” of Detroit! Detroit would literally transform from a ghost town into a boom town like the old days of gold rush boom towns, in 60 to 90 days. Hundreds of thousands of immediate jobs created simultaneously triggering housing boom boosting local economies. Additionally, each year as 15 million PPP EVs “hit the road,” 15 million AMERICANS now “retire” as their new residual incomes grow to approximately $14,000 per MONTH. A new, explosive consumer driven economy born…

I need to back up for a moment. Buy back rate (from PPP EV to national grid) would need to be standardized nationally – I recommend 20 cents per KWH. Target PPP EV KW output is 100KW. Multiply this number times average hours per month of grid supply and the resulting residual monthly income to the PPP EV owner is approximately $13,881. Annual residual income is approximately $166,567. Taxable income rate on this income as this is a portable power generator supplying the national grid thus reducing our national deficit, would be zero post depreciation & amortization. This forces tax rate “reform” as a standard tax rate of 5-7% (suggested) would be implemented to provide residual revenue to the feds. Another significant tax reduction for all tax payers takes place as the tax base - 90 million PPP EV owners / residual revenue recipients over 20 years (grid supply contract) compels tax rate reduction – the vastly expanded tax base even at 5-7% revenues overwhelmingly “displaces” the old high tax rate on all amount (when / if old rate was collected!). Feds are incharge of residual revenue streams meaning THEIR tax revenues are collected autonomously, monthly and in full before PPP EV owner gets their remaining “cut.” This also means reducing the size of the IRS – streamlining!

Before I forget, let me insert another original quote – “True Green Renewable Energy also creates Residual Revenue Streams for All” – did I just explain this in full above?

At the end of 6 years (or less), 90 million jobs eliminated as “displaced” by “retired” PPP EV owners and a thriving consumer driven true pure Capitalist economy boom emerges, reducing our national debt possibly eliminating it! Millions of new jobs created not only in manufacturing 90 million PPP EVs but many more directly resulting from new consumer driven economy. 90 MILLION “retired” American families now purchase new conventional EVs / internal combustion motor cars / homes / clothes / travel / open new businesses / college education – the impact is predictable and nearly perpetual - ALL paid for by the negotiable financial instrument = the federally guaranteed, residual 20 year renewable grid supply contract ( I covered this concept in previous blog articles on this site – please review).

I now ask all of you to get the word i.e. this article / site / project / BLUEPRINT to our new PRESIDENT – President Donald Trump now. I observed over past year, an average 600 site visits per rolling 30 days from NYC – perhaps “his people” (our fellow Americans) already watch this site; if so I urged them to alert / bring / direct President Trump’s attention to this proposal / blueprint / model a.s.a.p.

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens