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Proof: Solar & Wind Do NOT Work!

Bob Stevens: Posted on Friday, November 28, 2014 4:18 PM

Hello World & Welcome Back!

Today I want to offer proof via Google Scientist & article link:


solar & wind do not work! Although previous blog posts here explored this fact, I am always amazed how the masses are so easily misled / lied to / their income confiscated via taxes to support unsustainable wind & solar. As I stated before, solar & wind are the biggest frauds far greater than so called "global warming" ever perpetrated on the public / world.

Following my usual preferred approach, I would like to quote then comment from article entitled "Google Scientist Admit Renewable Energy Can't Work."

" Junk Science: Google is literally and figuratively pulling the plug on its investment in renewable energy because the technology doesn't work. Will its flop persuade the feds to stop dumping billions down this rat hole?" is the opening statement of this article.

"If Google can't make renewable energy work, does anyone really think Washington can?" This is the ending statement & everything between proves solar & wind are both unsustainable & a tremendous financial burden to the public.

"Back in 2007 Google commanded star-spangled headlines with its new high-tech venture to go all in on the next big thing in technology: green renewable energy.

The tech giant was saluted as a good corporate citizen for its initiative to help combat global warming. In launching the project, company executives boasted they would prove that wind and solar power were not just good for the environment, but that solar energy could be produced profitably on a mass scale to replace dirty coal and even natural gas.

Its "green energy czar," Bill Weihl, boasted: "It is even odds, more or less" that within "three years, we could have multiple megawatts of plants out there."

Well, today those power plants don't exist, and Weihl is gone from Google. CEO Larry Page has decided that the grandiose program called Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal (RE\........But the most remarkable admission from Google is that the technology just doesn't work — at least not now. Two of the lead scientists on the RE\

"At the start of RE\

Sorry, Sierra Club and Al Gore. You can't pin this on "climate change deniers." These scientists are trying to fight global warming."

Basically Google spent a fortune only to find out what Spain & every country found out when going bankrupt at tax payers' full expense, breaking the economy persuing solar & wind which do not work, are not sustainable, break & destroy the economy and worst of all - hold tax payers accountable for government's bad decisions. Most of all when tax credits & subsidies are given to so called renewable green or green energy companies, those companies cut & run after stuffing their pockets with grant & subsidy monies leaving tax payers in the hole!

"Google's setbacks in green energy were even more embarrassing when the company also had to admit it couldn't even power its own data centers with the solar paneling it had installed. According to the company statement:

"The plain truth is that the electric grid, with its mix of renewable and fossil generation, is an extremely useful and important tool for a data center operator, and with current technologies, renewable energy alone is not sufficiently reliable to power a data center."

Try lighting up a whole city.

But Washington still clings to the model that green energy is going to replace fossil-fuel production. President Obama continues to pump billions of dollars of loan guarantees, construction, grants, tax credits and mandates for renewable energy, which he calls the power source of the 21st century.

Well, maybe the second half of the 21st century. For now, we need coal and gas and nuclear power for reliable electric power production."

Does anyone out there get this?? I know you -all of you- are smart enough to add the pieces namely solar & wind are not sustainable, do not work, likely will never work at least for another 50 - 100 years, with the current world economic crisis = depression, there are NO jobs to tax to then support tax credits & subsidies / grants & loans to any company involved in a losing game namely unsustainable wind & solar! In the end -your end if you get my drift- you pay for all of this in tax hikes / taxes / especially utility bills and ahead of time at that. Inevitably any country pursuing the foolhardiness of unsustainable wind & solar especially at tax payers expense, ends in disaster - total economic collapse as proven by Spain whose tax payers now owe over $33 BILLION to grid supply companies for the folly of government pursuit of unsustainable wind & solar.

Germany, when- as is inevitable the wind stops & the sun goes in (night)- the government pays grid suppliers to switch back to coal fired electric. So we are right back to CLEAN, cheap coal energy. Any of you who traveled to & throughout Switzerland notice CLEAN air - only "emmisions" coming out of industrial plant stacks is water vapor! This is the case for decades - I was last there in the late 90's.

Now let's compare notes:

An ORC (& Brayton) cycle fuel cell coupled to an interface to a electric generator (named the “package”) produces electricity. When the “package” is dropped into an existing EV (electric vehicle) outputting 100 KW thus transforming EV into PPP EV (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicle), several beneficial outcomes occur:

  • Elimination of any/all lithium batteries (“LBs”)
  • Existing production line working capital savings of 70-90% per EV via “LB” elimination
  • 100 KW “portable generator” (dispersed autonomous energy) which upon reaching destination, destination plugs into PPP EV for electric needs selling surplus back to grid (national & local)
  • Grid sale/buy back provides immediate “retirement” income to PPP EV owner from monthly grid revenue checks
  • My project / invention / PPP EVs do not need any post beta capitalization in fact works with existing working capital offering tremendous savings/freeing up of working capital to EV manufacturers
  • All PPP EVs designed EM protected (Electromagnetic Pulse) at production point
  • Any national grid utilizing EM protected PPP EVs (dispersed autonomous energy) is also immediately protected
  • My ORC fuel cell is designed to endure 20 years of continuous operation – no “refueling” / charging / recharging requirement(s)
  • No geographic or carbon footprint
  • Institutes an overnight Economic & Industrial Revolution as PPP EV mass production affords large numbers of (millions) PPP EVs “hitting the road” in a matter of months
  • PPP EVs render stationary power plants obsolete
  • PPP EV residual income to owner displaces new job creation as retirement income eliminates any job sourced income
  • Grid residual revenues also benefit tax revenues for governments, EV manufacturers PPP EV owner establishing disposable & “retirement” income benefiting local economies. “True sustainable energy also creates residual revenues streams for all”

I highly encourage reader to go back through previous articles posted on this blog to substantiate what I write here and broaden their understanding of this unique technology.

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It then Pass It On

Bob Stevens