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Price & Penalty of Fossil Fuel Based Economies

Bob Stevens: Posted on Sunday, August 30, 2015 9:44 PM

Hello and Welcome Everyone!

I look at the current global impact of fossil fuel -specifically crude oil- based economies and know it would be very different with PPP EVs (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles) and basing national currency on domestically produced true renewable green energy namely PPP EVs!

Look at Russia and China for example. Their currencies are collapsing along with dying economies and manufacturing ( in the case of China ). With the crash of crude oil prices, immediately economies crash; world demand for crude is down as a direct result of manufacturing down due to global economies / job markets depressed and collapsing. When jobs are not available, disposable income is down (gone) along with consumer spending. Survival becomes a "luxury" and with rising prices as inflation takes place, lowered or no income, the cycle perpetuates into depression -eventually global.

Has anyone noticed, Russia is no longer drilling in the North Pole due to current collapsing crude prices making it prohibitively expensive to drill especially under extreme conditions. It is far cheaper for Russia to purchase oil from Iran. Interestingly enough, Russia still seeks crude sales to China which already has over stocked (glut) supplies coupled with lower demand for manufacturing therefore oil as the world is in a continued depression. The cycle ( when national currency and economies ) is a downward spiral nearly impossible to break.

Again I am not a "defeatist mentality" / doom and gloom person. Quite the contrary, I examine the facts, draw conclusions then present solutions. Now let's look at the solution - PPP EVs or dispersed autonomous energy. What happens when say China manufactures for domestic use 10 million PPP EVs? Immediately 10 million families "retire" / no longer need jobs / have disposable income and China has 10 million national grid supply portable power supply. Disposable income also infuses new money into local economies, area and federal tax revenues - in short prosperity for all and overnight at that.

Next obvious and immediate step is switch national currency valuation from crude oil to domestically produced renewable green energy. Did I forget to mention 10 million PPP EVs produced / manufactured by domestic car manufacturers also creates thousands of new jobs and federal revenue sources. Now the cycle becomes self perpetuating prosperity for all....

Any nation introducing PPP EVs will prosper overnight accordingly; citizens prosper immediately and retire ( it takes money not age to retire ). All share in residual revenue streams established by PPP EV implementation.

There is a global solution now available...PPP EVs

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens