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PPP EVs: Case For China & Germany

Bob Stevens: Posted on Friday, August 22, 2014 12:16 PM

Hello Everyone & Welcome Back!

Since I began focusing on EMP / Electromagnetic Pulse 2 weeks ago, rolling 30 day site visits more than doubled. China is the leading visitor with Germany coming in second (Ireland & Russia not far behind) for outside USA visits. Today I thought I'd re visit & expand PPP EVs (EMP immune) implementation in China & Germany.

By implementing 10 million PPP EVs (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles) in China at 100 KW - true dispersed autonomous energy (portable) grid supply- total grid supply would be 100 GW immune to EMP. 10 million families would have "retirement" income meaning no longer in need of jobs or business(es), having disposable income for purchasing consumer goods, travel, eating out or entertainment etc. Thus a true consumer driven economy no longer requiring energy subsidies while the economy would thrive.

Germany would be the same - 1 million PPP EVs implemented & between Porsche, Mercedes and Volkswagen , manufacturing would be complete in 30 - 45 days free 1 million families from jobs or business(es).

In both cases when a EMP strikes, in a matter of seconds, it would wipe out existing solar panels, wind turbines, national grid & any non shielded electrical or electronic devices / infrastructure / grid. With easily doable critical grid components in properly shielded storage, restoration of national grid would take place within 30 - 45 days. Life returns to normal quickly.

The rest of the unprepared (by choice) world would lose 90% of each country's population within a year, while experiencing a total collapse of law & order. They would be thrown back to the stone age. This is all unnecessary as there is a viable option - PPP EVs. Unfortunately, most wait until too late ignoring the warning signs.....

Here in the USA, I see the Amish surviving as they do everything esp food production without modern day convenience(s) = no electricity or mechanized equipment. Life for them would continue as normal.

The real tragedy is PPP EVs use existing capital meaning they do not cost any country anything to implement - quite the opposite- they establish Prosperity for all along with residual revenue streams and now EMP immune.

In the end, it will be up to each country's government / leaders to realize the impact / full benefits of pursuing PPP EVs (vs futility of solar & wind) - I see this happening after the proof of concept namely flight of the Renewed American Spirit and landing in Paris, France = world wake up call.

I found it very interesting today upon checking site visit locations, Berlin, Germany visited twice in past several days - hopefully it was their federal government. I live, for the time being (in the process of selling my home then moving to Delaware), 1 mile north of Washington, DC border & 15 minutes from most embassies. Several months ago, I contacted the German Embassy here in DC re: this site & project but never heard back......

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens