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 PPP EVs vs. EMP Electromagnetic Pulse

Bob Stevens: Posted on Sunday, July 20, 2014 4:17 PM

Hello Everyone & Again- Welcome!

Today's topic deals with one of concern to all nations - EMP - Electromagnetic Pulse & protecting national power grids & all electronics / electrical items necessary for population survival. While I am not one for "scare tactics" especially aimed at political gain & population mind control, the facts now presented pertain to a very real danger to world population survival particularly high technology societies codependent upon technology for all needs - food, water, transportation - in short survival & life itself. I consider myself a solution(s) person therefore my goal is to present immediate fact based solutions not create panic.

What is an electromagnetic pulse & how is it created? EMPs occur 2 ways:

- "naturally" via "solar storms" especially solar super storms (last occurred 1859) primarily affecting grids national & world, but not computers. laptops, cell phones etc. known as " geomagnetic storm which is called E3 (magneto hydrodynamic) EMP"

- man made = nuclear devices or just plain a legal pulse generator - quote from article “You don’t need a nuclear weapon to set off an EMP. You can also easily get a non-nuclear pulse generator,” he said. “They’re perfectly legal. A terrorist could detonate one next to an electrical station and effectively black out a city or region. Such weapons don’t do as much damage as a nuclear pulse does, but they are effective enough.”

How is it a threat to human survival? I thought it best to quote from articles relating facts as follows:

(1) Excerpts from article by

Kelly Gneiting: The Reality of an Electromagnetic Pulse Threat: " ..This past July 7th I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with 82-year old G. Edward Griffin ... I was jolted to my senses by something he mentioned..It concerns our electromagnetic grid, and how it could all be taken out at any moment with an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) bomb....You see, THEY control the grid, THEY have their hand on the lever, THEY control the mechanism to put America back hundreds of years by completely wiping out all electronics under the guise of any number of false-flag events, including blaming it on another country. When you talk about a reason to ramp up the police state, THEY have all the justification they need, and the masses, by and large, will go along with it.”

“And I believe they will do it! It’s just a matter of when.” Mr. Griffin forcefully summarized...."....The reality is that EMPs kill electrons. This means electricity “backup” systems won’t work! ANYTHING that would depend on electrons to function (i.e. almost ever gizmo we have) suddenly become a boat anchor, including cars, airplanes, phone, computers, etc. These items may not be able to function again FOR YEARS or DECADES!.."

2) Excerpts from article

"An electromagnetic pulse attack — the ‘other’ Iranian nuclear threat"

"The impact would be devastating, the report said. “EMP is one of a small number of threats that can hold our society at risk of catastrophic consequences. EMP will cover the wide geographic region within line of sight to the nuclear weapon. It has the capability to produce significant damage to critical infrastructures and thus to the very fabric of US society, as well as to the ability of the United States and Western nations to project influence and military power,.......In the US, the estimate is that it would cost on the order of $1 billion to make the changes that would protect the power grid against EMP,” he told The Times of Israel. “I don’t have an estimate for Israel, but given the enormous difference in the sizes of the two countries and their power grids, it should be extremely affordable — no more than a fraction of a percent of Israel’s annual electric bill.....In fact, when it comes to EMP, nature itself can be an enemy. “An EMP can be caused by an event like a severe solar storm,” said Pry. Such events have occurred on at least two previous occasions – including in 1859, when the largest recorded geomagnetic storm ever was recorded. British astronomer Richard Carrington observed the storm’s largest flare, which caused a major coronal mass ejection (CME) to travel directly toward the Earth — leading telegraph systems all over Europe and North America to fail, in some cases shocking telegraph operators before blowing out because of the overload of electricity in the wires. (The phenomenon is named the Carrington effect, after the astronomer.)...."

3) Excerpts from

Expert: U.S. utilities unprepared for EMP threats


CREATED: July 11. 2014

" ...The physical threats facing electric utility operators were highlighted in February when an internal report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission was published by the WSJ detailing a sniper attack that took place at a Pacific Gas and Electric substation in California last year. In response, FERC issued a directive to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) to develop physical security standards for grid owners and operators.

Despite the devastating consequences an attack like this could have on the power grid, it pales in comparison to the cataclysmic effect of a man-made or naturally occurring electromagnetic pulse or EMP event. According to Dr. Peter Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, an EMP could potentially wipe out 90 percent of the U.S. population if the resulting blackout lasted longer than a year. ....The congressional EMP commission on which I served calculated that within a year of blackout that knocks out the national grid, we would probably lose up to nine out of 10 Americans through starvation, disease and societal collapse,” said Pry. “The only reason we can sustain a population of 310 million Americans is technology. If you take that away, we don’t have any way of feeding, providing water or even providing communications and government for an orderly society that’s going to sustain 310 million Americans.”

Pry said that if you measure the EMP risk in terms of likelihood, then a natural event would be the greatest threat because it is inevitable that a geomagnetic super storm will impact not just the U.S., but the entire world at some point in the future. However, if you think about the threat with respect to what might be greatest to defend against, then Pry said that the aftermath of a man-made EMP, such as the detonation of a nuclear weapon, could be more devastating...........

The EMP from a nuclear weapon, the geometry of the way that works is that the EMP will propagate to the line of sight on the horizon and there’s kind of a minimum after a certain altitude so the footprint gets bigger as you go up in altitude. After about 500 kilometers, the field strength starts fading out, so there’s a maximum altitude that it can go and you could cover a whole continent with one nuclear weapon and an EMP that would destroy everything pretty much,” explained Pry....... According to Pry, attempting to recover from the EMP unleashed by a nuclear weapon would be an order of magnitude greater than that of a natural event.

“The nuclear EMP does something different from the natural EMP in addition to the geomagnetic storm which is called E3 (magneto hydrodynamic) EMP. That is what an EMP from the sun is like and it has long wavelengths and it needs a long target; it will couple into communications lines, railroad tracks, etc. Anything that has long dimensions of a kilometer or more is a target for this. A nuclear weapon will do that, but in addition, it does what we call E1 which is an electromagnetic shockwave that’s a high-frequency event and has three short wavelengths. It could couple into the personal computer on your desk, if you have anything that is a meter in length it can probably couple into that like your automobile. The depth of the damage done by a nuclear EMP is deeper than what you get from the E3, so you’re destroying a lot of the small computers and electronic components. That makes recovery harder and it makes it harder to defend against.”

4) Excerpts from "Electromagnetic Pulse Protection" by Jerry Emanuelson B.S.E.E ; Future Science LLC entitled Getting Prepared for an

Electromagnetic Pulse Attack

or Severe Solar Storm

"....Because of the inevitability of a large solar superstorm, we have to accept the fact that the current electric power grid upon which our lives depend is only a temporary infrastructure. This temporary infrastructure has served us very well, and we now have entrusted our very lives to it. Of course, it is possible to build a resilient electrical grid. In most countries, such as the United States, though, the will to make the electric grid resilient has been absent.

The fact that the electric power grid began as a convenience, but has become a necessity for sustaining life, is both one of the most beneficial, and one of the most dangerous, facts of 21st century existence.

We do not know how long the current power grid will last; but if it not replaced by a robust permanent infrastructure in time, hundreds of millions of people will die when the electric power grid collapses simultaneously in many countries. How such a collapse occurs is very well known, and the methods to either prevent it, or to have spare transformers in place to fairly quickly repair it, are also well known. Although these preventive measures would not be terribly expensive, they would take some time to put into place; and those things have never been done....

SOLUTION: PPP EVs: By above what am I driving at? As usual PPP EVs !

  • PPP EVs at point of manufacture can build in protection / shields from EMP.
  • National grids powered (remember destination plugs into PPP EV) by PPP EV in event of catastrophic EMP occurrence as described above are immune to loss of power supply as protected PPP EV is shielded.
  • PPP EV - in the event of national grid transmission line damage - can plug destinations such as hospitals, factories, government work centers, military, homes, civil control centers for water traffic etc. as grid line repair work completes.
  • Only transmission line infrastructure would need restoration as PPP EVs supply power to any destination (remember "Dispersed Autonomous Energy" = PORTABLE energy as in PORTABLE POWER PLANT ELECTRIC VEHICLES??).

I covered a lot today - not intending to be "intimidating" by using technology, engineering, systems design, scientific descriptive words, rather hopefully limiting use to clarify & make understandable for all....

I know PPP EVs present total solutions to the world and on many levels while bringing Prosperity to ALL!

"Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It then Pass It On"

Bob Stevens