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Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles Are The Answer

Bob Stevens: Posted on Tuesday, April 08, 2014 12:49 PM

Hello Everyone & Welcome !

Today I want to really focus on why wind & solar is economic suicide, not the answer when compared to Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles (PPP EVs). Reference article link that is subject of today's post namely Germany & its plan to switch to unsustainable solar & wind replacing nuclear =

I get many visits monthly from several cities in Germany; my hope is they are connected to the German Government & will contact Chancellor Merkel - there is a much better way not requiring capitalization or tax subsidies / credits nor eventual collapse of western Europe's largest economy (Germany's) - only outcome of subsidizing wind & solar. I will also contact the German Embassy here in " DC " ( Washington, DC) later today.

As I stated on the home page & explained in previous articles here, anything requiring tax subsidies or tax credits is not sustainable eventually collapsing after total economic devastation. Spain is a perfect example.

After over 10 years of solar (in particular) & some wind, Spain's economy is devastated leaving no jobs - adults calling themselves the "Lost Generation" (see YouTube video) college graduates in their 20's & 30's forced to live at home with their parents cannot find jobs as none exist. This after investing time & money into now worthless college degrees. Add to this fact: Spain's taxpayers now "in the hole" (held accountable) for over $33 BILLION owed to grid suppliers who used solar to power grid! Moreover Spain's August, 2013 law penalizes solar power especially individuals purchasing solar panels must hook up to the grid to then pay huge fines / taxes in a futile attempt to offset huge debt built over 10 years based on solar power. Wind offers even less "solutions" and with far greater consequence(s).

After reading above link article, reader will observe Germany's predicament - let me quote from the article:

"The current path of the Energiewende is neither competitive nor low-carbon," Daniel Yergin, vice chairman of the research and analysis group IHS, said recently. "Costs are rising. And so are CO2 emissions, with coal's renaissance in the fuel mix to replace nuclear and balance out the renewables." Energiewende means wind energy.

Let me add other critical considerations again quoting from above link article:

" The issue requires urgent attention because renewable energy subsidies paid by all consumers are pushing up their bills — the costs are expected to total 23.6 billion euros ($32.5 billion) this year. Companies have enjoyed sweeping discounts on those subsidies, but the European Union's executive Commission is investigating whether that's unfair."

" Germany's coast and flat northern plains offer plentiful wind power, but planning the ugly lines to get that electricity to the southern industrial heartland is hitting resistance. A subsidy system meant to build up renewable energies is causing mounting problems. "

Again and as pointed out by article, tax subsidies & credits = TAXPAYERS SUFFERING ECONOMIC HARDSHIP ! When income falls so does tax revenues meaning the system is self defeating not "sustainable" (nor is solar or wind energy sustainable). Add to this the tremendous cost of building infrastructure i.e. power lines taking electric from solar panel farms & wind mills to the grid and the time (years) it takes, one quickly concludes solar & wind are not sustainable & lead to total economic collapse as Spain found out -when the tax payer money / revenue runs dry.

Now let's look closer at PPP Evs (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles).

Again my statements " Capitalism in its purest form transforms Socialism into Prosperity for ALL " & " True sustainable green energy also creates residual revenue streams for all " now apply these 2 statements to the world energy crisis in particular Germany.

PPP EVs require no capitalization, are a pure form of dispersed autonomous energy (renewable green energy), take no geographic footprint, have no carbon footprint, are sustainable, create Prosperity for all = the PPP EV owner receives a residual "retirement" income thus "displacing" job creation / jobs; residual revenue (tax) for government collected moment to moment via grid contract / grid supply companies paying tax directly to government; new all time high profits for vehicle manufacturers ("displacing" capitalization cost normally required for building solar & wind etc) - BMW & Mercedes in Germany's case with residual income from grid supply contracts.

With mass production, large numbers of PPP EVs produced in a matter of months empowers, enables & creates dispersed autonomous energy "displacing" years of grid infrastructure & traditional stationary power plants - of any type - construction!

Example: 100,000 PPP EVs at 100kw each produce 10 GIGAWATTS of portable power & retirement income for 100,000 people along with disposable income (purchasing power), economic & personal freedom while "displacing" 100,000 jobs.

Now take this a step further namely base the country's currency on domestically produced true sustainable green energy namely PPP EVs not gold, USA dollar or fossil = price of the barrel crude and the predictable result: energy independence & "impregnable fortress" economy! In fact this sets off collapse through total devaluation of any fossil fuel based currency valuation economy / country!

I outline here total Industrial, Economic, Social, peaceful overnight Revolution without hostilities, war, sanctions, threats, FEAR, invasion, annexation - in short a total "end run" around politicians, politics, political corruption and bad "leadership." I exclude no country - Israel, Ukraine, U.A.E., U.K., Russia, etc., simply today's focus is Germany.

I suggest you re read my previous blogs especially last 3 for clarification - to make sense - of today's posting....

" Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On "

Bob Stevens