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October 5th update : More to Consider

Posted on Saturday, October 05, 2013 12:44 PM

Hello Everyone,

I would like to thank all of you especially worldwide for the dramatic increase in site visits. France now is leading the numbers with 320 visits from Paris alone and over 375 total for past rolling 30 days !

More to consider: I mentioned in my last blog posting, fact when you arrive home with your EV - ORC Fuel Cell "powered" - you plug your home into vehicle to power your home ! Surplus sold to the grid provides both new income - additional or retirement - AND "grid demand relief " meaning local & national grid demand lowers.

I also touched on the economic, environmental, social & industrial IMPACT of the ORC fuel cell. In any country where simultaneously applied grid and transportation electric supply via ORC fuel cell method, an immediate impact will be experienced. The move from fossil to sustainable green with no carbon footprint & existing geographic footprint also empowers the transition of national currency from crude oil or USA dollar to sustainable domestically produced true green energy ! This creates immediate economic stability, tremendous job growth along with social and political security - in short, prosperity for all !

Any country reaching this level of heretofore unheard of total energy independence complete with prosperity for all and present & future economic security, has no need to go to war with any other nation in order to take resources from that nation - it becomes a "thing of the past."

Looking at the present Mideast situation, the very foundation of conflict is which country controls and distributes energy. We see Russia with intent on building oil / gas supply line(s) through certain countries - Syria for one; Israel recently discovered a huge natural gas reserve just offshore & seeks to develop it; USA interests in Mideast oil supply, while thanks to the politicians at home, refuse to tap domestic USA oil & natural gas reserves which total more than the world's combined reserves!

Question: What happens to the value of crude oil & all the "squabbling" when sustainable green energy independence becomes reality in any country? Question: What happens when an sustain green ORC Fuel cell country changes valuation of its currency from fossil (barrel of crude) to its domestically produced ORC fuel cell sustainable energy ?

I invite you again - if you haven't already viewed the video (for free) - go to top of home page & click on DVD image .

"Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On"

Bob Stevens