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October 28 update

Posted on Monday, October 28, 2013 1:13 PM

Greetings !

I would like to welcome the newest country - Luxembourg - which visited for the first several times over the past few days ! Did I fail to mention Lima, Peru also a new country, before?

Saturday I received a phone call from my contact in Florida who represents the European Venture Capitalists Group here in North America along with his co rep up in Chicago.

He was excited to inform me - finally the VC Group returns from Dubai, where they have a major project with "Sheikh Mo" on Thursday the 31st for 2 days ! They return to Dubai Saturday ! I am 1st priority on their list of multiple projects. I expect this means funding will be initiated - finally - this week - Friday. I will announce on this site / blog when this actually happens.

As I mentioned before, Phase 1 funding allows me to complete 1st beta demo ORC fuel cell interface generator package, then drop it in the ultralight - also has to be redesigned 1st remove internal combustion engine then replace with electric motor & my ORC Fuel Cell Package.

Every time I check site visit stats, I feel the excitement & enthusiasm let alone anticipation building worldwide ! New visits from new countries continue growing along with loyal revisits. This is a relatively unknown site - underground, yet the word is getting out & the following growing.

Please go to the home page & click on DVD image if you haven't seen the video yet. Feel free to post comments & questions here on the blog page as your questions likely reflect what's on the mind of the rest of the world.

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens