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November 4th Update

Posted on Monday, November 04, 2013 12:47 PM

Hello Everyone !

I would like to welcome newest visiting country - Thailand !

I received a call Friday confirming Venture Capitalists returned - for the day only - from Dubai to their home country. They will be in Dubai for an additional 3 weeks. At that time, they return to their home country & hopefully Stage 1 funding goes through.

Entire project success rests on Stage 1 funding - building the beta demo unit. After demoing, the unit will then be dropped into a specially redesigned ultralight. Next it will be flown from British Columbia Canada across the USA to Garden City, Long Island , NY then non stop to Pairs, France.

It is always challenging to wait for such long time periods, however I find there is always something needing more development - technology, logistics, expanding contacts, or in general updating all project aspects. I find there are details needing careful planning & attention. The work also continues on patents, Trademarks and copyrights. I handle all by myself. This consumes all available time thus the "waiting period" impacts me in a productive way.

After witnessing the debacle of wind & solar, esp articles on Spain where the government now penalizes solar by new laws, implementation urgency of my ORC fuel cell generator system(s) both for transportation and grid supply continues growing.

At present, I see best approach as mass production of ORC Fuel Cell Generator "package" into EVs while larger grid units are built then operational. To mass produce existing EVs with my "package" means rapid & overnight dissemination in any country thus immediate "modular" grid supply as EVs plug homes into EVs & power grid when not in use as transportation. Meanwhile larger grid supply stationary units are built, installed then become operational.

With this approach, any country becomes energy independent with true sustainable renewable green & eventually a surplus energy exporter. Taken one step further, any country basing their currency valuation on domestic sustainable green renewable ORC Fuel Cell energy instead the price of the barrel crude (which absolutely is the case worldwide now - NOT USA dollar or based on gold) becomes economically independent, prosperous, creates ample new jobs, achieves social & economic stability.........

If you still haven't seen the video, feel free to go to home page & click on DVD image at top This takes you to YouTube & 4 minute 57 second video!

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens