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No Sovereignty Means No Nation

Bob Stevens: Posted on Thursday, April 21, 2016 4:34 PM

Hello and Welcome Everyone!

I tried to stay "non political" on this site for as long as possible even though I made reference in my video to the current plight of America / all Americans at the hands of politicians who do NOT represent their constituents, instead choose to represent their personal private bank accounts! They have the full backing of the media who function as the propaganda arm! The current trust level of Americans in the media is less than 6%, so Americans are NOT stupid as to the situation and very much aware of it, yet the media continues running the country through bully tactics including lies, intimidation and especially name calling to anyone who does not bow down and worship the media! They (Democrats with Republicans going along with it = NOT opposing) even pass "laws" silencing the "silent majority!"

After recent continuing TERRORISTS attacks -now in Belgium (and the only reason this happened as the responsible TERRORISTS said was because they "didn't have time to hit Paris again!!!") , I can no longer ignore the obvious conclusion(s) namely a nation's sovereignty is defined by its borders / border enforcement. Moreover, "multiculturalism" robs a country of its culture, language, customs, way of life, historic traditions and especially freedom / safety! Current TERRORISTS attacks by ISIS prove what happens when politicians ignore their citizens and even voluntarily destroy their citizens through invited genocide by inviting ISIS TERRORISTS posing as refugees into their countries then pander to them for reasons none other than gaining a vote, some sort of "national guilt" or worse "political correctness" (which happens to be DEAD as America's 2016 election will overwhelmingly demonstrate) -and the politicians PROFIT - yes make money from this. I predict here in America a return to CONSTITUTIONAL CORRECTNESS (accuracy) away from the nightmare "political correctness" (unconstitutional at that) imposed on all (slavery) by the Democrats (with Republicans NOT opposing) as witnessed by upcoming 2016 presidential election. AMERICANS have had enough! We will no longer be pitted against each other because of Democrat imposed "skin color" / religious differences / economic differences (part of Constitutional return will be you EARN your goals NOT steal them because of skin color / religion / etc.). The ERROR of "political correctness" - stillborn from the get go - is now replaced with Constitutional Accuracy ! 

To openly welcome improperly / not vetted ISIS TERRORISTS into your country, then allow and worse - encourage them to set up TERRORISTS cells in Muslim neighborhoods, invites the inevitable. A RAT will behave like a RAT no matter what song the RAT sings. Question is who is the bigger RAT - the TERRORIST or the politician?

In every country ISIS refugees were allowed, DEATH, VIOLENCE, RAPE etc is inevitable as they are ticking time bombs - literally. One has to wonder what end is served by the utter complete destruction of Western Civilization? WHY is this allowed and worse, encouraged? There can be NO other conclusion that current political so called "leaders" (enablers actually) encourage and enable thus empower ISIS invasion and destruction of Western values / countries / societies, so the question remains WHY? Who do these so called leaders really serve - ISIS? What deal did they make with ISIS? WHY do politicians openly MURDER their own fellow countrymen / women allowing the rape and slaughter within their borders? Do they not realize that NO / open borders is/are a blanket invitation to ISIS invasion?? OF COURSE THEY DO!! SO the question is WHY? What is the hidden agenda - death and destruction to Western Civilization for personal gain/profit?

As I see it, people of once free and proud nations now under assault / all out ISIS war as encouraged by so called leaders of their countries, are now realizing what is really going on. They will eventually demand action including replacing of those politicians / "leaders" responsible for current continuing domestic assaults by ISIS.

My intent is usher in a new era of prosperity as outlined by both this site and the blog articles I posted here - this is my goal. I will not back down nor cower to anyone. If ONE person takes a stand for what is right, others will follow. It takes ONE snowflake to start an avalanche ! Let the flight of the Renewed American Spirit be that flake......the time will soon come........

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens