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Renewed American Spirit

Mission Objective

Fly an all electric ultralight plane powered by an ORC fuel cell both designed by Bob Stevens trans USA, then non-stop New York to Paris!

Renewed American Spirit is committed to awakening all Americans now - a call to greatness emanating from within each of us,demonstrating what all Americans can do regardless of current circumstance or obstacles restricting & afflicting all of us. WE choose to use any obstacle as motivation to succeed, not excuses for failure- when Americans choose to stand up, take individual responsibility,and come together as one people, one Nation. ALL of us are special with the ability to tap greatness within - we will no longer be denied opportunity to unite, demonstrating our inter dependency on each other, to finally achieve our individual visions, aspirations, hopes & most all our individual Intuition vision driven mission(s).

The trans-USA then non stop New York to Paris flight of the all electric ultralight named "Renewed American Spirit" designed by Bob Stevens, powered by his ORC fuel cell, will rally all Americans together now, clearly demonstrating unlimited possibilities & achievement for all who dare toss fear to the wind then take individual responsibility, pressing forward with their individual vision driven mission(s) - there are no limits other than in thought! There is nothing "We the People" cannot achieve when we choose to act and unite now! The backbone of American Spirit is recognizing and rewarding -not isolating then punishing- our individual uniqueness and missions.

"Your mission, should you decide (most of all choose) to accept it," will be responding by pursuing your own inner Intuitive vision driven mission! America & the Human Race needs you and all of us now  rising and facing the challenge, setting the example & pace for the world who needs America now especially individual examples set by each of you! Outcome of any individual's life is set by pursuing inner Intuition driven objectives - it takes guts, determination(wining cowards need not apply!), sacrifice and continuous action / persistence building character.

 The true measure of success is NEVER the amount of money accumulated, rather the number of lives HUMAN race members (all of us) - especially the lives of those you do not know and will never meet - you impact bringing Prosperity into their lives raising their quality of life. motivating and inspiring them to rise and achieve - in short "passing on Renewed American Spirit" How many lives will YOU choose to then take action, impact?