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Renewed American Spirit

Marketing & Product Line Temporarily Suspended for updates.....

DVD now available! Contents: Flight footage & slides of existing pre-modified ultralight, entire project narration -Phase 1 & Phase 2 - by Bob Stevens; original song "Hang Gliding" edited / extended in background. All proceeds "crowd fund" / support / fund entire project. Length 4:58 (4 minutes, 58 seconds)

Initial reviews /raves -"REALLY COOL! ...SUPER COOL!....MESMERIZING!..."

Our website plans to initially offer logo T-shirts-designs below will be upgraded & offered in grey & black / men's & women's, mugs, caps. We will add CDs with original music by Bob Stevens. Next we will add (post flight) logo embroidered leather & adventure jackets; logo hoodies, sweatshirts and several more items expanding the product line. A full length motion picture-"Raid On A Record Empire"- featuring events leading up to the flight & including footage from all flights (across the USA then New York to Paris) named "Raid On A Record Empire" will be offered in theaters. Your audio video interactive interview footage may be included!

A one time $15 fee for Lifetime membership in the "Renewed American Spirit Club" entitles members to 15% discounts on all merchandise including motion picture tickets (for "Raid On A Record Empire" & sequels) & CDs / DVDs ("Ultimate Sekks Cafe Buffet" label). Club membership also includes interactive qued audio & continuous video with Bob Stevens during all flights - selected "interview" footage will be incorporated in the motion picture - yours may included!

"Uniting ALL Americans Now!" 

Renewed American Spirit Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens

"Renewed American Spirit," "Energy Miser," and "Ultimate Sekks Cafe Buffet" are registered Trademarks owned by Bob Stevens.