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Japan About To Follow Spain & Germany Off The Deep End !

Bob Stevens: Posted on Monday, November 03, 2014 7:34 PM

Hello Everyone & Welcome,

I came across an article actually a couple days ago which I will now respond to & comment on. The article entitled " After Fukushima, Japan Gets Green Boom _And Glut" link =


I will quote then comment - " TOKYO (AP) — Like other Japanese who were banking on this country's sweeping move toward clean energy, Junichi Oba is angry.

Oba, a consultant, had hoped to supplement his future retirement income in a guilt-free way and invested $200,000 in a 50 kilowatt solar-panel facility, set up earlier this year in a former rice paddy near his home in southwestern Japan.

But Kyushu Electric Power Co., the utility to which he must sell his electricity, has recently placed on hold all new applications for getting on its grid. Four other utilities have made the same announcement and two more announced partial restrictions."

Notice (as usual) what happens when governments force on their population unsustainable solar & wind to the mutual profit of government & companies manufacturing unsustainable wind & solar devices - purchase price of solar panels or wind generators are prohibitive, utilities rates sky rocket, national laws force sell back to grid at substantial loss to solar panel / wind turbine purchaser(s) while government & manufacturers make substantial ill-gotten profits ! Consumers become trapped - victimized by their own government.

""Kyushu electric shock is spreading in a domino effect," said Oba. "It's like fraud on the national level, with utility companies and the government in cahoots with each other."

Traumatized by the world's worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl and encouraged by the highest rates for renewable energy in the world, Japan has been undergoing a green boom. It's now rapidly turning into a fiasco as the cost proves prohibitive and utilities anticipate putting some nuclear reactors, shuttered since the March 2011 Fukushima disaster, back online. The unfolding green glut in Japan echoes similar experiences in Germany and Spain."

Notice the mention of Spain then Germany in an obvious predictable pattern. Solar & wind now stand as the biggest lie / fraud / hoax (much greater than so called "global warming") with far greater devastating economic consequence. At this point of global economic DEPRESSION, no country or economy can stand any additional forced on its population government rip offs. At least Germany gives tax subsidies to grid supply companies when solar & wind inevitably fail to supply continuous power, but who pays for this?? The consumer of course both in subsidies given and in higher utility rates when coal fired electric substitutes for unsustainable solar & wind.

"If all the planned solar panels in Japan were installed, their capacity would equal 8 percent of overall energy demand. At the 32 yen tariff, a whopping 3 trillion yen ($30 billion) would be added to electricity bills."

"Experts debating policy at a government committee are pushing for an immediate end to the guaranteed rates for solar power.

Oba is not alone in being worried his green energy income will evaporate. Most Japanese who invested in solar had hoped the higher rates for renewable energy would continue for 10 years or longer. Oba fears some green outfits may go bankrupt. Even individual families that put solar panels on their roofs to provide green electricity for their own homes could see the perks they had counted on disappear."

Above paragraph is precisely what happened in Spain leaving Spain's tax payers a $33 BILLION bill to pay back solar & wind grid suppliers = total economic collapse due to flawed energy policy based on predictable, unsustainable, prohibitively expense solar & wind.

To make matters / "unsustainable" worse, the price of the barrel crude continues falling dramatically reinforcing cheap energy when switching to crude & especially economic booms created with cheap energy!

When we now -as stated in previous blog posts here- compare the overwhelming economic prosperity for all, true sustainable energy benefits of PPP EVs (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles along with EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse )protection to national grids then add switching national currency valuation from price of the barrel crude to domestically produced energy from PPP EVs (dispersed autonomous energy) thus "fortress like" protection of national currency for all time, is there really any other way to go?

Let's again review the benefits of EM protected PPP EVs:

  • Immediate retirement & disposable income for PPP EV purchaser = true consumer driven economy
  • No more need for government tax subsidies or tax credits
  • Overnight Economic move from current world depression to Prosperity (for all)
  • EM protected true sustainable energy establishing residual revenues streams for all
  • No need for "new" job creation
  • No need for welfare or entitlement programs / spending
  • No carbon or geographic footprint
  • Overnight dissemination of Prosperity & sustainable energy
  • Individual / personal economic freedom

Time for governments to listen to the people!

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens