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India About To Commit Economic Suicide; Ukriane

Bob Stevens: Posted on Thursday, January 08, 2015 2:41 PM

Welcome Back All "R.A.S." World Friends !

Hopefully your New Year is beginning with new expectations - forerunner to great achievement. I came across an article re: India's move to -largest in the world solar farm(s)- via decentralizing government. This will be disaster meaning both the move to such a large reliance on expensive, subsidized & unsustainable solar AND decentralized control over their national grid (opens door wide open to regional corruption).

As usual here is link:


which I encourage you to go to & read entire (short) article.

Here is one quote -for me heart of the matter-

" India is experiencing unprecedented energy demand. In 2000, the country consumed 376,000 GWh of electricity. In 2012 (most recent data), India ate up 869,000 GWh -- a 130% increase. "

When one considers unsustainable solar especially the cost (capitalization into the $Billions) of this project, let alone years of time required to set up farms then build adequate grid (power lines including supply to homes / buildings etc.) compared to PPP EVs (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles)

specifically the benefits of 10 million or more (dispersed autonomous power) PPP EVs on the road in India, the correct approach becomes clear.

Let's look at this:

  • 10 Million PPP EVs on the road mean 10 million families no longer have to work & immediate "retirement" and disposable income.
  • 10 million PPP EVs @ 100 kw = 1,000,000,000,000 watts of portable power to national grid.
  • 10 million PPP EVs manufactured through existing EV manufacturers, existing infrastructure literally overnight being in a matter of months.
  • Working capital NOT required because elimination of lithium batteries from existing EVs frees / returns 60 - 90 % of existing previously budgeted capital to purchase lithium batteries - now no longer needed & obsolete!
  • "Re tasking" existing working capital means immediate profit to car manufacturer.
  • Existing infrastructure & "geographic" footprint, no carbon footprint (from PPP EVs).
  • India could save itself the projected $1.3 Billion (and everyone knows over construction time this will increase significantly).

Now I'd like to alter subject to Ukraine. Can anyone see the impact based on above and previous articles posted here when 10 Million PPP EVs are on the road in Ukraine? Again 10 million families "retired," PPP EVs supplying national grid with electricity, basically overnight economic freedom & energy independence! Russia is no longer a threat and likely to become very cooperative so as to get PPP EVs in Russia thus saving their economy & country.........

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens