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Impending Disaster - Are We Really Totally Informed?

Bob Stevens: Posted on Sunday, April 12, 2015 1:06 PM

Hello Everyone & Welcome  !

Here in Washington, DC just 3 days ago, there was a major grid supply failure. I shook my head that night as I watched television accounts of the event. Major federal buildings lost power even the White House which supposedly has its own generator. Employees left work gathering in the streets for an unexpected short work day - fortunately for them, the weather was warm.

As I listened to the "expert" being interviewed, I was very surprised he never made any mention of the 1859 "Carrington EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) event" which clearly happening today, would wipe the entire planet out instantaneously. Instead he expressed "zero" confidence in federal / local governments to cope with any & all expected future events. By this he meant the ability of local & federal governments to anticipate, react or restore impending grid outages.

As it was and for unknown reasons, first power went out, then the "domino effect" happened triggering multiple failures / outages. It took nearly the entire day & into the evening to restore power. Metro rail stations were forced to close as long escalators went out thus stranding commuters. The expert continued that if there were a larger outage, panic surely would follow.

To refresh everyone's memories, a 1859 "Carrington Event" (EMP) is imminent & expected in less than 10 years at any time - could be tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or even last day of the projected time frame - everyone is in total agreement on this. When this happens everything electronic, electrical and all communications instantly stop. The world ceases to function in an instant. Projected population death tolls due to no water no food no energy etc. are 90% dead in less than a year! Yet the expert made no mention of this....

The only prevention is Faraday shielding on grids which, as the return visitor of this site knows, my PPP EV (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles) have. Additionally, as PPP EVs are true "dispersed autonomous energy" being that they are portable (vehicles), they could be immediately dispatched to any emergency location such as hospitals or local / federal government agencies especially disaster relief. World governments are more than aware of the fact - rebuilding & restoring national grids would take years if not decades and very few countries have replacement components readily available. Sole source of components -if not destroyed by the EMP- is China. Next major obstacle: even if components were not destroyed or affected by the EMP event,transporting components anywhere esp. worldwide would not be possible as ships, airplanes, all vehicles (except PPP EVs) would have been affected by EMP thus destroyed & useless.

Without all food, fuel and water supply, populations would starve and neighbor could fight neighbor over a glass of water - local & federal governments would be in total disarray / chaos......

I am not a "doom & gloom" type as I look at the facts then determine viable, immediate solutions. Any nation with sufficient numbers of PPP EVs supplying national grids would not suffer these dire consequences.

PPP EVs are the global overnight solution as well as diplomats of of unity and Prosperity....

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens