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Imminent World Economy Collapse: "Debt Bubble Collapse"

Bob Stevens: Posted on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 12:47 PM

Hello World & Welcome Back !

I wanted to spend time today on the imminent collapse (and solution to this threat) of the world economy(ies) due to "debt bubble collapse" because of basing currency valuation on "price of the barrel crude." Here is the reference article link:

This is a complicated article reading like a dictionary and will require both patience & time to read, understand then digest. It is also focused and I consider it to be accurate from my viewpoint analysis especially relating message of article to PPP EVs (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles). I look at this article from a very different prospective namely (and as article points out) when world economies are based on the price of the barrel crude, the eventual result is total economic collapse especially when trying to replace crude with unsustainable and unreliable wind & solar!

The article focuses mainly on "debt bubble collapse" results as world economy according to this article, is "held up by debt." As the price of the barrel crude drops, the "debt bubble" becomes aggravated to the point of collapsing any crude based economy (and all economies currently are). Job numbers (creation as well) drop impacting tax revenues as companies are forced to keep prices flat on products & services. The way this is done is "offshore" production. For example the USA under primarily Clinton, "shipped" factories, factory jobs overseas to cut consumer prices domestically. Now China's "debt bubble" is about to burst (again according to this article.

The main point I make is when any economy is based upon price of the barrel crude, it is highly vulnerable to price fluctuation(s) - now (according to article) when price drops the danger is total economic collapse! So how does PPP EV (EMP - Electromagnetic Pulse immune!) relate to article? PPP EVs (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles) properly implemented in large numbers free any country from crude oil based economies displacing job creation (and survival / endurance) with "retirement" incomes creating personal economic freedom, disposable income, local economy booms via true consumer driven economy and most of all Prosperity for all. I suggest (again) you revisit previous articles here for details as to how this is done.

Implementation of PPP EVs goes much further than creating Prosperity for all, it secures national grids from EMP events be they naturally occurring or terrorist detonating a single nuclear device EMP engineered for maximum effect at altitude wiping out an entire nation. When any country switches currency valuation from crude based -which it currently is (not USA dollar or gold) to domestically produced or national grid supply from PPP EVs renewable = "dispersed autonomous energy," the currency becomes "immortal" secure from fossil fuels, wind & solar (vulnerable to total wipe out from EMP events) .

I will expand this post (edit) - I ran out of time yesterday & failed to finish then post it which is what I do now...

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens