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How To Resolve Mid East Conflict(s) & "Grid Saturation"

Posted on Monday, February 24, 2014 2:28 PM

February 14, 2014

Hello & Welcome Everyone !

Last week I was struck by overwhelming thoughts. It began as "what happens when any country imports so many Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles (P.P.P. E.V.s) national grid supply is both met & exceeded?" Next question was what happens to income for P.P.P. E.V. owners specifically does it drop as nation now has an energy surplus?

As I pondered further a sudden overwhelming realization came to me the value of energy increases as that nation becomes a net energy exporter. thus protecting & increasing both the value and security of residual revenue to P.P.P. E.V. owners as well as that particular country.

As the "revelation" continued, I applied this "grid saturation" model to Israel. For example, Israel imports so many P.P.P. E.V.s it meets then greatly exceeds its national grid demand. Now Israel becomes a net energy exporter say to Palestine or even Iran.

Question: would any country attack its energy supply / supplier?

Question would any country prevent prosperity for all its citizens ?

Here now is the means & the solution ending all conflict in the Mid East through economic ways especially through prosperity. Thanks to mass production of PPP EVs, literally this represents an overnight implementation solution. A grid supply contract between formerly hostile nations could also include a "non aggression" clause / agreement.

Let's look at Spain - currently owing solar electric providers over past 10+ years in excess of $33 BILLION holding its own citizens accountable for a national debt they will never pay off ( like USA!) especially the "Lost Generation" = the 22 - 38 year old group of unemployed with NO job / hiring/ future prospects forced to live at home with their parents / relatives.

The Lost Generation becomes owners of PPP EVs locking in residual income & personal economic freedom while paying down Spain's solar debt! Spain becomes a net energy exporter even to France which currently supplies Spain - the situation becomes reversed !

U.A.E. a prime example: U.A.E. imports sufficient PPP EVs greatly exceeding its grid demand. Sheikh "Mo" is a visionary wanting only the best for Dubai & U.A.I. citizens now ! Sheikh "Mo" & U.A.E. have very friendly relations with Iran & could easily persuade Iran to accept Iranian grid supply from U.A.E. / Dubai based PPP EVs. What need of nuclear power plants producing electricity would Iran then have? Especially with far cheaper & safer, much less controversial PPP EV supplied green energy available?

If you took all the "problems" of the world then put it into one word what would that word be? Answer: ENERGY. Let's now look at the Ukraine the basis of their conflict - like all conflicts - ENERGY. What happens when sufficient numbers of P.P.P. E.V.s imported create a net energy surplus thus making Ukraine energy independent & able to supply surrounding countries with their now surplus energy? Obviously this immediately ends all conflict & blood shed through Prosperity for ALL.

Autonomous Dispersed Energy becomes a Global Reality..

"Capitalism in its purest form transforms Socialism into Prosperity for ALL"

"True sustainable energy also creates residual revenue streams for ALL"

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It then Pass It On

Bob Stevens