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How PPP EVs Spread Prosperity To All

Bob DStevens: Posted on Friday, June 20, 2014 10:54 AM

Hello Everyone & Welcome!

Today I want to cover how PPP EVs (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles) benefit financially everyone - how Prosperity permeates then saturates all levels -

from the point of introduction namely the electric vehicle manufacturer, to the government (tax revenues) to the consumer and ultimately the grid / grid supply company.

Beginning with the manufacturer who uses expensive lithium batteries costing as much as $70,000 per unit / vehicle, existing working capital is "re-tasked" meaning in mass production, cost of my "package" ( ORC fuel cell / interface / generator) would drop to under $15,000 thus saving as much as $55,000 per vehicle eliminating lithium batteries completely.

This fact alone compels any manufacturer to contract licensing allowing them to build & implement into existing infrastructure / assembly line; additionally existing working capital is transformed to all time profit-per-vehicle. The profit doesn't end here as over 20 years, manufactures also receive monthly per vehicle royalties shared with Energy Miser ( my company ) from grid supply. Between new unheard of profits, vast reduction of necessary working capital and residual per vehicle royalties over 20 + years of grid supply, manufacturers are compelled into Prosperity. Energy drain from the grid to charge former EVs (only - not PPP) is eliminated.

I predicted early on, best implementation is from the "top down" at every level meaning in any given country, via direct contract with the government down through manufacturers, consumers, local banks and grid supply companies. This approach ensures residual revenue streams paid at every level.

The government receives tax revenues directly from grid revenues moment to moment paid on a monthly or weekly basis. The manufacture receives monthly per vehicle grid revenue checks. The consumer receives monthly revenue checks. The grid supply companies receive sustainable green, dispersed autonomous energy. Local banks finance consumer purchase of PPP EVs from grid supply 20 year contracts - this is locked in revenue used as collateral meaning anyone qualifies to finance PPP EVs.

Everyone at every level participates in Prosperity. The consumer no longer needs employment as their grid revenue checks allow "retirement" - it takes money not age to retire. As Prosperity spreads to consumers, they in turn have disposable income to purchase homes, clothes, electronics, restaurants, travel etc. This has immediate beneficial impact on the economy especially local as existing businesses hire & sell to meet new increased demand. Obviously the government receives additional tax revenues from this benefit as well.

Ultimately, when any country bases their currency valuation on domestically produced sustainable green energy -specifically PPP EVs, their currency becomes invincible also causing any "price of the barrel crude" based currency to fall to valueless. PPP Evs will set off an overnight Industrial & Economic Revolution.....

"Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On"

Bob Stevens