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Bob Stevens: Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 3:17 PM

Hello Everyone and Welcome

Today I present you the following facts and “superimpose said facts on Texas & Florida / crisis facing Our Fellow Americans. To remind reader (and if this is your 1 visit I highly recommend you review previous blog articles on this site to familiarize yourself with PPP EVs), PPP EVs (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles) are “converted” existing EVs = dropping the package (ORC / S-CO2 “fuel cell coupled to interface coupled to generator) into existing EV thus both eliminating lithium batteries and transforming EV into a “Portable Power Plant.”

This is also known as true “Dispersed Autonomous Energy,” as EV outputting 200KW is drivable. IF in reality, several million PPP EVs were in place / on location (at designated homes) in Texas and Florida, being portable, PPP EVs would be “unplugged” from supplying the national grid, then driven (NO GAS NEEDED !!!!) under their self generated power to a safe location for temporary continued grid supply from new location. After Hurricane(s) & flooding end, PPP EVs return to their original designated locations where they immediately continue full output to the grid! THIS IS POWERFUL. Additionally and as reader recalls from previous blog articles posted on this site, PPP EVs generate both electric to the grid and more importantly residual revenues to both the PPP EV owner and the “Feds.”

Again please recall fact – PPP EV owner, by Federal National Grid Supply Contract, receives approximately $26,000+ per month residual revenue(s) while “Feds” receive 7% of same revenue! This eliminates any need of TAX PAYERS “footing the bill” for victims as PPP EV have their own immediately available residual revenue(s) to rebuild their homes and businesses. I can’t emphasize this point enough – instead of “Feds” raising national debt & OUR taxes to pay the hundreds of billions it will take to restore all affected areas / states, PPP EVs provide the very revenue necessary and great significance, financial, individual economic freedom / independence for the PPP EV owner.

Repeating for the reader’s benefit, “Feds” revenues based on 95 million PPP EVs @ 200 KW output & 7% (once all PPP EVs are online) will be $2 TRILLION per year!

Now entire “crisis” gets reversed / transformed from disaster to opportunity to rebuild via self funding provided by PPP EVs new and improved infrastructure, homes, building, roads etc. My favorite definition of the word “crisis” (and one of the Chinese definitions) is “opportunity on a dangerous wind.”

Hang on – there’s more…..lots more! As reader recalls from previous blogs articles, my production goal for USA market is 1,250,000 PPP EVs coupled with 1,250,000 conventional “bundled” vehicles or 2,500,000 combined vehicles per month. Production could be diverted for as many months necessary to distribute to millions of AMERICAN victims in any disaster area thus transforming them into multimillionaires simultaneously providing needed revenues to the Feds!

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens