Happy New Year Everyone !

Posted on Wednesday, January 08, 2014 12:55 PM

Hello Everyone Worldwide !

Happy New Year ! There are several more new countries visiting this site - now at 55 + countries worldwide ! Both receiving your blogs & posting blogs remains a problem - technical on webmaster end - which I was promised today "should be corrected soon." IF you didn't see your comment posted, it is because I never received it or, for the ones post August 10, 2013, I was unable to post them due to technical issue soon to be resolved. Please continue your comments & hopefully they can be retrieved once webmaster corrects issue.

January 15th fast approaching, I expect to hear when Phase 1 funding now delayed 8 months will happen. As you know, once funded, I expect to build prototype within 2 weeks. Once this is completed, I will post a video on this site of operational unit. Additionally, Phase 2 funding - for flight - should follow quickly.

At that time - Phase 2 flight funding - I will activate DVD purchase on this site so as to raise much needed funds to re design, build then fly ultralight - as outlined in 5 minute video (feel free to view video for free now by going to home page then clicking on DVD image - takes you to YouTube).

Meanwhile the vision continues expanding! Originally I thought of home based ORC Fuel Cell generators providing free utilities & monthly income selling surplus to the grid (in any country). This would involve manufacturing large numbers of units worldwide while grid large units assembly & installation took place.

Now and because of further R&D on my end, I clearly see mass production of electric vehicles equipped with my ORC Fuel Cell generator package means literally overnight dissemination ( implementation ) while any particular country's grid supply from my ORC package catches up ( it will take more time ). It also means instead of purchasing a vehicle, you purchase a "portable power plant" - taking / driving it where ever you go. When arriving at work for example, you plug your business or workplace building into your vehicle selling electricity back to national grid = additional income while you work! When you return home, you plug your home into your "portable power plant" thus receive free utilities & income selling surplus back to national grid.

I "crunched numbers" last night and confirmed earlier predictions of grid revenues. Example - in Delaware (USA) they buy back "this type of renewable sustainable energy" at a rate of 6.5 cents per KWH (kilo watt hour). 1st generation EVs will likely have 50 KW generators; 2nd generation EVs will likely be 100 KW. 50 KW generators @ 6.5 cents KWH is approximately $26,000 annual income; 100 KW would produce revenues of $56,000 annually !

This literally means purchase of 2 EVs equipped with my ORC package produces enough revenue (approx $56,000), FREE utilities and transportation for the next 20 -25 years. Purchase of 2 EVs 100 KW means $112,000 income with same aforementioned benefits. As this takes root nationwide, the impact is astounding - need for "new full time jobs" displaced by "early retirement" with on going grid income! Meanwhile grid demand displaced & exceeded by EVs providing "modular" mobile supply.

The future is now......

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On !

Bob Stevens