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Global Leadership Search

Bob Stevens: Posted on Tuesday, September 29, 2015 5:34 PM

Hello and Welcome Everyone!

I noticed a shift in visits to this website from mostly blog articles (these) to mostly homepage. When I first began this site, traffic was less than 100 visits per rolling 30 days. As I began blog articles especially EMP (electromagnetic pulse), there were as many as 5500 visits per day (versus 30 rolling days)! As the current world situation developed - lack of leadership, turmoil, instability, economic collapse and societies without focused leadership - I experienced mostly homepage visits (more than 80% versus 20% or less to blog articles).

I concluded the world is desperate for leadership solving universal problems of economy, safety, freedom to live life as we -not governments- choose. I look at the situation in my home country the USA (and as described in my video - see homepage and click on DVD link) - the skyrocketing costs of "healthcare" and the LIES told about it, the collapse of the economy along with high jobless rate, the costs of energy, most of all the dysfunctional state in general with corresponding lack of unity / national pride due to the division placed on us by politicians (who serve themselves exclusively especially their bank accounts) via their "state controlled media" (who lie about everything) - in general a prevailing sense of futility / despair / frustration / hopelessness .

When America fell via the politicians with their state controlled media, the world began its slide from a sense of confidence in American leadership and global presence to now a desperate search for replacement or preparation(s) for terrorist global domination.

I think visitors to this site especially the homepage, look for both hope and direction. There is more than hope and here's why - the hearts of all Americans did not change with the "great fall of America" in fact just the opposite. There is a healthy "self examining" on an individual basis currently happening. A new resolve along with the desire to renew that very spirit - American Spirit - the same that made this country great, the same "can do / will do" spirit that landed America on the moon ( 1st and only nation to accomplish this and even then it was done in the name of "all mankind" / humanity = "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" ), laying the foundation then building upon it of American Exceptionalism which will soon return....

Foreign leaders should never confuse the American people and their heart(s) with their misguided self serving politicians especially it now is abundantly clear the politicians do not serve their constituents - only their bank accounts and betrayed all Americans. I respect PRESIDENT Putin and what he STANDS for, but clearly see his error in judgement by "attacking" and criticizing American Exceptionalism. He confuses self serving politicians who destroyed America with fundamental values incorporated in American spirit. It is true current politicians in collusion for power and money attacked and nearly destroyed those values and spirit taking away our freedoms and ignore then violate the Constitution and for this they will be held accountable in 2016.

President Putin, to you I say ignore the fleeting current incompetent & misguided politicians and take a closer look at the heart of the American people where American Exceptionalism is alive and well where it turned the corner and is about to explode, where from total disillusionment & disgust -a spring board- comeback is now in sight. President Putin, when you ridicule "American Exceptionalism," you also directly ridicule the heart of all Americans - is this your intent? If so you alienate all Americans. President Putin, you also mistake America's current politicians from the top down for "American Exceptionalism" and most definitely it is not. Do not underestimate the resolve of the American people & especially not their heart. As was once said post Pearl Harbor attack by Admiral Yamamoto "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."

The same can now be said of all politicians here = their arrogance and lies awakened all Americans who took all they could and now will be heard in the 2016 election. The "revolution" will not stop there as it will include weeding out the lying media - finding out who owns the propaganda factories, then bringing them to justice. Rebirth through renewing American Spirit and Exceptionalism is on the immediate horizon......

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens