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Global Folly: Fossil Based Currency Valuation

Bob Stevens: Posted on Tuesday, December 02, 2014 7:43 PM

Hello Everyone & Welcome Back !

Today I'd like to write about current world currencies in fact actually based upon the price of the barrel crude -not on the dollar as everyone assumes- but in realty price of the barrel crude - as witnessed by current drop(s) in crude prices.

Look at Russia today with the substantial price drop of Saudi crude. Russia's main export is crude - fossil crude- which is why they invested heavily in Arctic exploration & drilling. Now, with the collapse of fossil -namely price of the barrel crude- their entire economy collapses. Their economy is being compared to Spain's as "weaker than Spain's." Arctic drilling becomes cost prohibitive as does any massive scale investment in updating military infrastructure.

To recall briefly from previous articles I posted here, Spain's debacle is for an entirely different reason namely the insane move & total commitment by Spain's government to unsustainable solar & wind leaving Spain's tax payers in the hole for over $33 BILLION! Worse for Spaniards is fact of tax subsidies & credits given solar & wind providers was suppose to come from employed Spaniards - no jobs = no tax revenues to pay for tax credits & subsidies!

Compare these disastrous situations (which are the inevitable outcomes of either basing energy dependence on unsustainable wind & solar and / or currency valuation based upon price of the barrel crude) to my observation & statement " true sustainable green energy also creates residual revenue streams for all " as provided by PPP EVs ( Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles).

Again & at the risk of appearing repetitious, PPP EVs create a true consumer driven economy never requiring & eliminating tax subsidies or credits, immediate retirement with disposable income, an over night economic & industrial revolution, sustainable revenue streams for all along with true sustainable green energy.

Taken to the logical ultimate step, when any country bases its currency valuation on domestically produced sustainable green energy -namely that from PPP EVs, its currency becomes immortal! Here's how this works:

  • Consumer purchases PPP EV financed by local bank using grid sell back revenues as collateral = anyone qualifies!
  • Local banks take payments from monthly grid revenue to consumer directly
  • Federal government collects directly from grid revenues
  • EV manufacturers switching to PPP (my "package thus eliminating lithium batteries) also get piece of residual revenue.
  • PPP EV in production utilize existing working capital & in fact save 70-90% to manufacturer
  • This is a win win for everyone & everyone receives residual income
  • Country then switches currency valuation from price of barrel crude to domestically produced sustainable green energy namely that from PPP EVs

I will admit from time to time I am astounded knowing the global solution(s) on many levels for all PPP EVs offer, yet have not -as yet- found a legitimate backers who's motivation is restoring peace & prosperity on a global level versus focus on totally controlling & taking away technology & solutions I offer.

I realize this is a little short today, but count on it - I will return with more!

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens