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Facts - Reality vs. Mental Illness

Bob Stevens: Posted on Monday, July 16, 2018 11:36 AM

Hello and Welcome Everyone!

Again I find myself not writing a blog article for some time - necessary for my continuing focus on securing funding. Incredible as it sounds, flight of the "Renewed American Spirit," is 90 days from reality post funding (still slow). Although years past when I thought funds would appear, I also realize timing is critical of the flight especially when considering the current world situation and fact the entire Human Race is desperate for Unity and Prosperity! Impact of the flight must be precisely timed for appearance on the world stage thus having ​greatest impact.

This introduces today's subject " FACTS." Facts cannot be divided or subdivided, they stand alone. When anyone or group ATTACKS FACTS, they look to create division in order to control / dominate the masses. Fear is the sole tool of such people / groups. The outstanding trait / outcome of fear is ANGER, thus when you see an ANGRY person or GROUP, they live in FEAR. The fuel of fear in order to perpetuate, is ANGER. This is why you see ANGER and VIOLENCE for without ANGER, FEAR dies.FEAR SEEKS TO CREATE ANGER (FUEL), THUS PERPETUATE ITSELF IN AN UNENDING CYCLE.

The greatest "fear" of FEAR is EXPOSURE - being clearly identified for what it truly is = LIES! My observation - all human beliefs are based on human opinions - BOTH are lies and when followed, lead ultimately to total destruction self and other. The ultimate outcome is both inevitable and predictable. How does Fear ATTACK FACTS ( or "Truth" as religious people label it ) to create confusion and division? An individual or usually a group (think politicians) come(s) along and -via LIES- BULLIES / INTIMIDATES / an otherwise peaceful, productive and prosperous audience. ALL BULLIES ARE COWARDS! BULLIES ATTACK in overwhelming numbers via NAME CALLING -in order to provoke VIOLENCE - their violence which justifies murder by them perpetrated on completely innocent victims. BULLIES always accuse their victims of what BULLIES DO to their innocent, defenseless victims!

The main objective of BULLIES is disrupt, obstruct and prevent Unity through Prosperity of the entire Human Race! They are literally at war with the entire Human Race and furthermore the CREATOR (take your choice) of the Human Race.

In the end, you must choose your Reality- FACTS or Mental Illness - no one can have Peace through Prosperity via the path of the ANGRY, VIOLENT MENTALLY ILL EXPLOITERS and HATERS of the entire Human Race. Objective of Renewed American Spirit is global implementation of PPP EVs (read previous blogs on this site) thus country by country ushering in Prosperity via ownership of PPP EV creating millions of Millionaires within countries and uniting the entire Human Race -

 Peace through Strength ~ Strength Through Unity ~ Unity Through Prosperity ~ Prosperity Through Pure Form American Capitalism!

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens