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Endurance & Persistence

Bob Stevens: Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 12:44 PM

Hello and Welcome Everyone!

It's been longer than usual since my last blog post. I was very busy promoting and pushing this project / flight. I realized I needed to stand back, evaluate then comment on progress and expectations.

Congratulations! Site visits overall are now at 200,000 individual & different (repeat visits do not count) globally and from over 100 countries. Following was never stronger. I like all of you, am impatient - anxious for the flight to finally take place. Thank you for your continued following and support. Please feel free to give comments by sending a "custom form submission" - I read every submitted comment and post all (except hackers posting ads). Your comments motivate me.

I still do not understand why posted YouTube video viewers number is so low. My only explanation - site visitors seek motivation and direction / leadership from this site. There are countries like China, which do NOT allow YouTube access.

I have expectations upon funding, of rapid implementation / preparations for flight launch (90 days or less). I find -my experiences that is- in life nothing ever "happens" when desired. Always seems delayed and for which reasons? Most often, answers are post event / outcome of years of hard work. The only reason for the present delay(s) - years worth - from my prospective, is overall timing. By this I mean flight of the Renewed American Spiritwill impact and change the course of the entire Human Race (which we are ALL equal and family members). This means implementation or flight at the precise time of receptivity.

There is no way for anyone to know this, only realize delays are for a reason being at precisely the right time, the event will take place. After the event & impact, realization of why waiting was so long becomes apparent.

At present and daily, I do everything from pushing for funding to going over planning and execution of planning timetable to the point of fanaticism. This is how I keep myself motivated and focused. It is almost an antidote to the lingering question of "why is this taking so long?"

Answer is dogged persistence and the definition of persistence is "I will until."

I still expect (now) April is the month of funding one way or another from one source or another.

I recently viewed several accounts of "Operation Overlord" - WWII Normandy Allied invasion of Europe. I related to the "frustration" of waiting for the right time which appeared never to be right with weather conditions etc. NOW in retrospect, at precisely the right time, the invasion took place which changed the course of global events. This is the viewpoint I maintain being the flight will take place "at the appointed time."

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens