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EMP vs. CME Part II: Different Impact Effects

Bob Stevens: Posted on Friday, October 10, 2014 11:23 AM

Greetings & Welcome Back Everyone!

Today I want to continue EMP versus CME especially the difference types & their impact to both national grids & electronics (pcs, laptops, notebooks & cell phones/communication(s) etc.). Again it is simpler to quote from one very well researched & written article and give you the link, then comment on significant points.

Here is the link to article entitled "The Difference between EMP and CME" by Rob Hanus -

Here is the article:

The Difference Between EMP and CMEPosted on August 27, 2012 by Rob Hanus

(You can also listen to the podcast on EMP and EMP Protection.) Be sure to check out the videos I did that demonstrates shielding against a 50,000 watt AM signal, and the Surviving EMP Mini-Guide:

The Preparedness Podcast Mini-Guide: Surviving EMP [Kindle Edition] ebook

Testing Faraday shielding for EMP, part 1

Testing Faraday shielding for EMP, part 2

Testing Faraday shielding for EMP, part 3

There is a lot of misinformation about Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) events, about what they are and how they effect things. One of the big misconceptions is that they are the same. While they may have a similar component and both can cause power outages, there are some striking differences.The main difference between an EMP attack and a CME impact is what is effected. For EMP, both the power grid and electronics are damaged and destroyed. In a CME impact, mainly the power grid is affected, while electronics are untouched.Why?There are actually three components, or pulses, to an EMP, they are called E1, E2 and E3:

E1- The first component is a very fast, high voltage pulse. It is very brief, but very intense.

It is much faster than lightning and common lightning and surge suppressors will not stop this pulse.

It induces high voltages in wiring and cables, like power lines, phone lines, etc.

This is the component that destroys computers and electronic equipment.

The E2 pulse is a lot like lightning and is easier to protect against, though if the protection circuit was destroyed or damaged by the E1 pulse, may still do more damage.

The E3 pulse is a long duration pulse and is no like the E1 and E2 pulses.

It’s a very slow pulse, which can last up for minutes.

It is caused by the nuclear detonation disrupting the Earth’s magnetic field. Which sounds a lot like what happens during a CME impact.

This is the wave that shuts down the power grid. It does this by inducing a DC-like current. When enough DC current flows through a transformer, it melts.

While a CME can damage electronics in space, such as those on satellites and on the Space Station, it doesn’t generate any E1 pulse. A severe CME could take out large portions of the power grid out for years, but they would not damage any electronics equipment down here on Earth unless, perhaps, connected to the power grid or other very long lines. This entry was posted in EMP, Natural Disasters, Technological Disasters and tagged Coronal Mass Ejection, EMP, Power Grid, Power Outage, What-If Scenarios. Bookmark the permal

December 29, 2012[...] many people confuse solar flares with CMEs, and I spend some time discussing the difference. See The Difference Between EMP and CME for an [...]reply

December 29, 2012[...] a long time is due to the amount of large transformers that will be completely destroyed by the E1 pulse. These transformers aren’t made here in the US, they are special order only from overseas. [...]reply

1 month ago[…] However, unlike EMP, a CME event does not destroy electronic devices, unless they happen to be connected to the power grid or long lines that will collect the induced current. For more on the differences between EMP and CME, you can read about it here. […]reply

- See more at:

Notice CME (Coronal Mass Ejections) affect the grid / national grids and only electrical or electronic devices plugged into grids at the time of CME impact.

In other words, only if your electronic or electrical device is actually plugged into the grid at the precise time of CME impact, would damage occur. This is a huge difference between impact damage of CME vs. EMP. CMEs can take out satellites - GPS / communications / national defense systems etc.

EMP(s) come in 3 stages, components or types depending on source be it man made (nuclear detonation) or natural (solar flares) namely E1, E2 and E3. As above article points out, E1 is the most destructive to computers and electronics / wiring, cable etc - as I pointed out in previous blog articles - it "attacks" electrons at an electron level as in atom level (electrons / protons / neutrons) . Shielding is possible and doable even at this level.

If common surge protectors are utilized, E2 pulses can still defeat them if surge is string eneough. There are better EMP shielding methods available.

E3 is the greatest threat; it is initiated via nuclear device detonation with "events" that can last minutes versus seconds. Notice - an E3 pulse literally has the ability to "fry" or burn out transformers, wires etc. In the case of the USA, vital grid components like transformers are no longer manufactured domestically, but overseas -likely China. This is why it would take years to restore the national grid especially if most of the world including China is wiped out by EMP events.

The world is now forced into codependency because of a common threat - EMP (and CME to satellites & national grids)! We are all in this together having a common "end of existence" (as we now experience) "foe." PPP EVs can be shielded against this and are both EMP & CME immune!

All three components - E1, E2 and E3 work via "induction" meaning electromagnetic fields (wave forms) "induce" or by the action of passing through electronics / electrical devices, electromagnetically affect / destroy what they come in "contact" with. Those of you readers familiar with electromagnets know that when solid magnetic bar passes through a copper (wire) coil, it induces electricity via field interaction - magnetic field 'contacting"/ interacting with electrons in wire thus "induction."

In my next post, I will examine shielding methods as touched on above.

Again PPP EVs Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles shield at point of manufacture offer the sole, viable solution let alone sustainable clean energy & grid supply along with instant "retirement" complete with disposable income.

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Bob Stevens