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EMP VS PPP EVs China Part II

Bob Stevens: Posted on Saturday, August 30, 2014 11:13 AM

Hello Everyone & Welcome Back!

I thought today I'd continue with "what would happen in China when either a 1859 Carrington event or terrorist (North Korea) detonates 1 EMP / nuclear device at 20,000 feet." If PPP EVs (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles) already in place - say 10 million of them, EMP (electromagnetic pulse) would be minimal.

10 million PPP EVs in China would free 10 million families from jobs or businesses immediately creating a consumer driven economy with disposable income thus "fueling" consumer demand for domestically produced products, services & entertainment (eating out & travel). Government tax revenues from this "windfall" alone, could pay for EMP event preparation(s).

At 100 kw per PPP EV times 10 million, combined portable output (Dispersed Autonomous Energy) to the national grid would be 800 million GWs . As the PPP EVs would be manufactured EMP immune and if China prepared their grid in advance either shielding critical & vulnerable components and/or having properly shielded / stored critical replacement components on hand, impact after-mat would be minimal.

Recovery being grid & grid infrastructure, would quickly be restored in a matter of weeks - months. Life would continue -back to normal- rapidly. Precautions would need to be taken for communications - internet / TV / satellite / cell phones / PCs etc.

The cost of time (years) & replacement of entire unprotected grid components and all other electronics would be prohibitive - IF preparation in advance was not complete or even undertaken. All countries really have no alternative other than begin immediate preparation for impending EMP disaster(s) be they naturally occurring or terrorist initiated.

The EMP "issue" goes way beyond "national security" as the after effect attack & destroy society - its very survival. Previous articles I quoted on this blog showed in the USA in less than a year, 90% of the population would perish. Similar results will happen worldwide.

EMP events natural or human caused will happen - this is now the worst threat facing all humanity drawing us together to prevent this devastating impact from happening (we can't prevent the naturally occurring event, only the impact). It is a far worse threat than meteors, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, etc. The "good news" is preparation is easily doable and most of all does not require capitalization (tons of money taken from tax payers) when the PPP EV approach is utilized. PPP EVs create residual revenue streams for all & use existing infrastructure, capital and technology to implement.

I recommend you go back through previous blog articles posted here as far as necessary to understand terminology & technology used in this &

previous articles. Don't forget to view the video on home page - just click DVD icon which takes you to YouTube.

We can come together now - unite the world - to confront, overcome and conquer the EMP threat by minimizing the impact after effects before it strikes.....

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens