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EMP Protection Measures

Bob Stevens: Posted on Monday, October 27, 2014 12:26 PM

Welcome Back Everyone!

Today I continue with EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) protection / measures. I found a sales site =

which actually sells various products affording full protection against / from EMP incidents. I noticed paints, fabrics, Faraday cages and "services" on this site. Applications for their paints are (directly quoted from their site):

Areas of application

Living areas: Protection against HF-radiation from cell phone towers, TV and radio broadcasting antennas, radar, digital standard cordless telephones and wireless networks, etc. Protection against low-frequency electric fields from power supply lines, etc.

Industry: To prevent interception of data from wireless networks ("data-stealing") and to prevent interception of potentially bugged conference rooms.

Science and R&D: Shielding of EMI-sensitive facilities and equipment.

Medical: Protection of sensitive technical equipment; to guarantee that important medical data is derived correctly and will not be altered by electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Electronic Industry (e.g. recording studios): To reduce induction and interference. Further applications: data centers, technical rooms, schools, nurseries, hotel rooms, hospital rooms, etc.

RE: LBA 's fabrics:


LBA Technology’s SM-10 RFGreen™ metallized shielding fabrics combine highly conductive metals with the flexibility and light weight of fabric to meet a diverse range of EMI / RF shielding requirements.

SM-10 RFGreen™ shielding fabrics are available in either copper or nickel/copper that provide outstanding shielding effectiveness and surface conductivity. SM-10 accommodates complex contours and shapes, making it ideal for diverse shielding applications.

SM-10 Shielding Fabrics As Part of A Properly Engineered Solution

Selecting SM-10 is only one part of the total EMI / RF shielding solution. Many factors can affect shielding effectiveness. Items such as windows, doors, cable entrances, duct work and many other factors can have a significant effect on the final signal attenuation of your shielding project. LBA is able to provide a TOTAL solution for your EMI / RF shielding requirements.

Fabric applications:

SM-10 Metallized Fabrics Provide:

  •  EMI / RF shielding up to 60 dB
  •  Exceptional resilience and conform-ability to a variety of surfaces
  • Superior RF leak prevention

SM-10 metallized fabric may be designed into a wide variety of EMI / RF shielding applications, including:

  •  Telecommunications electronics housings
  • MRI Rooms
  • Industrial test/R&D labs
  • Data processing centers
  •  Military test sites
  • Secure conference rooms
  • Broadcast facilities
  • Communications security

RE: LBA Gropu's Faraday cages, these are appropriate for smaller & portable applications:


LBA EMFaraCage Faraday cages are EMI and RFI shielded boxes and RF test enclosures which bring convenience to device testing. The Faraday cage is ideal for isolating critical systems in high field RF environments, or wherever RF ingress or egress must be minimized. Security, production testing, biomedical research, and semiconductor testing are only a few of the many areas where EMFaraCage faraday shielded enclosures are employed.

EMFaraCage Faraday cage enclosure systems are fully featured to support a wide variety of test missions. The standard Faraday cages include effective power, dataline, and RF signal isolation in a large test volume. The EM FaraCage Faraday cages are much more affordable than shielded room solutions, and with the convenience of portability.

LBA Group Services include:


LBA offers complete architectural RF shielding capabilities, including RF shielding for communications, medical, and other radio frequency interference sensitive facilities. LBA is major provider of architectural shielding solutions for buildings, laboratories and other spaces.

LBA also offers other RF shielding materials, fabrics, and paints as well as an integrated line of shielding components to provide a comprehensive shielding system.

RF shielding systems protect and maximize the functionality of the infrastructure investment of the facility operator.

Benefits of Architectural RF shielding:

  • Reduced incidence of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) – induced performance degradation from existing and future RF EMI sources
  • Reduces the RF field levels to which the building facility equipment is exposed by 90 to 99 percent and more.
  • Provides protection against interfering signals, including AM, FM, TV, emergency services, dispatch, pagers, ESMR, cellular and PCS
  • Improved systems operating efficiency
  • Enhanced overall system reliability
  • Reduced system maintenance

Key Capabilities of LBA:

  • Site evaluations
  • RF Shielding system solutions incorporating Flectron and other advanced materials
  • RF Shielding system program management from LBA for:

· Modular Buildings

· Site-built installations

· Installation management services

· Certification and recertification of RF shielding sites

At the risk of appearing to be an advertiser for LBA Group which I am not, I presented concise sections of their available products & services preventing both RF interference & EMP damage. As you see, their are companies out there who can provide products & services to protect you, your family, businesses etc.

With a little planning & implementation, EMP damage be it natural solar events or that resulting from nuclear intended EMP nuclear pulse weapons (like the ones North Korea has & Iran still develops), protection is immediately available - what are you waiting for?

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens