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Direct Individual Impact Examined"

Bob Stevens: Posted on Wednesday, July 09, 2014 11:28 AM

Hello Everyone & Welcome,

Today's focus: the direct impact on you - implementation of PPP EVs (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles) & the direct impact on you.

Assuming government of any country chooses energy independence and Prosperity for ALL, along with residual revenue streams for ALL, the impact on individuals purchasing PPP EVs is drastic and overnight.

The individual purchaser of a PPP EV immediately - beginning with the first month's residual check from the grid- can "retire" (it takes MONEY NOT age to retire) - you now have the resources of time and money to pursue any philanthropic endeavor, former hobby even if this means opening a new business for fun since profit is no longer the driving factor. When you don't have to have profit to survive in business is when the profits roll in !

Now you can purchase a new home, vacation home, take vacations, dine out as often as you choose, buy clothes, electronics etc. - in short you ignite local economy, national economy as you have disposable income. Furthermore, new jobs are created from your individual prosperity to "support your new shopping / purchasing habits" = spending!

After becoming bored with "self indulgence," you may decide to begin a "part time career" with hours of your choosing and in a field of your choosing. Assuming a 20 year & renewable grid supply / revenue contract, you know what your income is for 20 years & more. You may also choose to purchase a second or third PPP EV thus increasing your residual income as your new project may require more funding. YOU can custom tailor your future taking total control of your chosen destiny.

You may decide to "retire" on some island, do research or artistic work on that island. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

How would it be to enjoy the near total freedom of Capitalism? "Capitalism in its purest form transforms Socialism into Prosperity for ALL" = you have the resources to do anything you choose. For many currently enslaved both by economic circumstance & social / political, they would not feel initially comfortable with total personal freedom & choice - after being dictated to all their life by government, religion, society, family etc. This could be the biggest barrier they face.

Do you have a personal plan for individual freedom once backed by residual revenue? What would it be? How many lives would your plan impact for the best? Perhaps now is the time to begin planning - formulate that plan.....

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens