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China: EMP Prevention / PPP EV Implementation

Bob Stevens: Posted on Tuesday, September 02, 2014 11:53 AM

Hello Everyone & Welcome Back !

Just how would China (and all countries for that matter) implement PPP EVs (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles) with EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse)?

How long would it take and what is the most efficient way to do this?

As I see it -and this is true for every country choosing PPP EVs and protection of national grids from EMP- the best way is from the top down then across at every level. The federal government "brokers"/oversees according to both tax laws & laws contracting of domestic EV (electric vehicle) manufacturers - licensing per unit through the government from Energy Miser. The "feds" would be guaranteed tax revenues especially the residual(s).

As you will recall from previous blog articles here, China's government wants several "ideal" conditions relieving economic drain on federal revenues (tax credits / incentives / subsidies for EVs -solar- wind etc) while protecting & creating conditions for a consumer driven economy - which in turn creates new tax revenues for the "feds."

There are well over 8700 EV manufacturers & EV component(s) in China at present; the "feds" could select 50 of them qualified -having existing working capital especially set aside for lithium batteries which would now be eliminated thus saving & freeing 85% with remaining 15% for licensing & manufacturing of "the package" into existing EVs- these 50 companies "eligible" for licensing via existing infrastructure & working capital.

To recall what "the package" is - my ORC fuel cell ~ interface ~ generator; when dropped into existing EV "displaces" (eliminates) lithium batteries and transforms EV into a PPP (Portable Power Plant) EV (electric vehicle) outputting 100 Kw thus "dispersed autonomous energy." But the good news doesn't end here - only begins. 10 million PPP EVs "displace" 10 million jobs as PPP EV owners would no longer need jobs or businesses because residual grid revenue checks provide them with retirement income. The "feds" (China's government) now has residual tax revenue(s) based on PPP EV owners' residual monthly income checks. This also eliminates tax credits & subsidies from the feds.

Talk about a consumer driven economy? - well it gets even better! Economic focal point of implementation is the grid supply contract. As I see it, the way this best works is at the point of sale of PPP EV (at dealership) grid supply contract is the collateral / loan guarantee for the local bank note on a portable power generator contracted to supply the grid thus the payback revenue to bank - this means anyone qualifies to purchase an PPP EV. Both the feds (monthly tax revenues) and the banks collect directly from the grid supply companies - deducting amounts before the consumer receives their monthly residual revenue check. Thus taxes & loans are prepaid upfront before consumer receives their check - everyone wins.

PPP EVs would be manufactured EMP immune. With minimal additional preparation for vital grid components protecting them from EMP, the feds could use their new found residual tax revenues to pay for preparations. Obviously a "deployment" plan would have to be developed to repair or replace national grid components in the event of the inevitable EMP - naturally occurring or terrorist.

Time necessary for implementation? Well when 10 million PPP EVs (outputting 800 GW) are divided among 50 EV manufacturers that means each would manufacture 200,000 PPP EVs. With existing infrastructure in place along with minor "accommodations" to now manufacture the "package" on site, in a matter of weeks ~ months, 10 million EMP immune PPP EVs would be on the roads in China providing a secure national grid along with EMP immunity!

Germany - prepare yourself! My next article will focus on how Germany could implement EMP PPP EVs in a matter of weeks ~ months!

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Bob Stevens