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China "vs" Germany PPP EV Roll-Out

Bob Stevens: Posted on Friday, September 05, 2014 12:52 PM

Hello Everyone & Welcome Back !

Today I wanted to compare PPP EV (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicle) "roll-out" between China & Germany.

  • In both cases, PPP EVs are EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) immune.
  • In both cases, national grid roll out & protection happens in a matter of weeks..
  • In both cases, implementation begins at the top - federal government involvement thus overseeing & protecting residual revenue streams especially tax collection.
  • Both use existing infrastructure & especially existing working capital.
  • Both would eliminate tax credits & subsidies et. al. social (welfare) programs by switching to PPP EVs which create residual revenue streams for ALL (Prosperity).

The main difference is China has over 8700 EV manufacturers and / or related component providers, where Germany has 5 major EV manufacturers - Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Volkswagen. Thus manufacturing would be divided among 5 manufactures - again using existing infrastructure & working capital.

The argument could be made China, with 8700+ EV manufacturers could "out produce" Germany in very short order, but consider the fact the Germans are very resourceful, productive, resilient and most of all have great national pride. Germany also has the healthiest economy in Europe back by well established industrial capabilities.This should never become an "international soccer match event" where national pride is on the line - in such an event there would be one winner & one loser with perceived mislabeling "loser versus "winner." This is not about supremacy or competition especially of one nation over another.

This is all about unifying the badly divided world, bringing prosperity & freedom to everyone - "Capitalism in its purest form transforms Socialism (poverty equally divided) into Prosperity for ALL." As Prosperity takes root, everyone benefits, personal freedom is established, the need for war ends. The world escapes the grasp of Fear, politics / politicians most of all human belief(s) & human opinion - both lies about reality intended to divide & conquer then enslave humanity in mediocrity, disease and suffering.

So how would implementation in Germany (or any country for that matter) take place? The federal government oversees contract between EV manufacturers and Energy Miser thus ensuring federal tax collection and revenue streams at all levels. EV manufactures begin immediate manufacture - within weeks PPP EVs delivery begins via car showrooms where local banks loan using local grid supply contracts as collateral (thus anyone qualifies for purchase) / loan guarantee.

At 1st month's end, first grid revenue check arrives for PPP EV owner allowing them to give notice at work - "retire." If 1 million PPP EVs are manufactured, 1 million German families now retire at end month 1! Newly retired German families now have disposable income thus new economic growth occurs with new consumer good spending -Germany which once tightened the belt to achieve current national economic stability can now loosen the belt enjoying new prosperity & personal freedom.

Germany now has dispersed autonomous energy immune to EMP events and a protected national grid not costing any German any money as PPP EVs utilize existing working capital (and infrastructure) creating residual revenue streams for all - " True sustainable energy also creates residual revenue streams for ALL."

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens