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China's Super Highway In Place for PPP EVs!

Bob Stevens: Posted on Monday, July 14, 2014 11:50 AM

Hello Everyone Worldwide & Welcome!

Yesterday I came across an article about China especially Chinese government and I was greatly impressed as the Chinese government's approach / plan - to have 5 million EVs on the road by 2020 using "consumer driven economy" NOT tax subsidies (which NEVER work-only drain the economy to zero growth!) could have been taken directly from my "business plan" / Implementation of PPP EVs (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles)! Please reference former blog articles esp "PPP EV Implementation" on this site.

Before I forget, here is link to article:

According to article, China made several key decisions to implement EVs - 5 million of them - by 2020. Of course they do not know about this site or my project specifically PPP EVs & "Dispersed Autonomous Energy" offered by PPP EVs. China took CAPITALISM by the horns & ran with it!

Apparently, China realized tax subsidies & credits not only kill the economy, but jobs as well. At the risk of repeating myself from former articles I posted here - "Anything requiring tax subsidies & credits is not sustainable.... and in economic recession, drains the economy to zero creating no jobs" China also, and I will add very wisely, realized then decided to "switch to" a consumer driven economy as follows - " Policymakers are seeking to move away from state spending to domestic consumption as a key driver of the economy, which has been slowing. "

Let's look at then compare some other key points of this article: " China has sought to increase ownership of electric and hybrid vehicles to ease chronic pollution and reduce reliance on oil imports, but high prices, lack of infrastructure and consumer reluctance have been obstacles..... Lack of charging stations and the desires of Chinese consumers - many first time owners - for big, flashy vehicles have hurt electric car sales." - Now compare this to my "Implementation of PPP EVs" article where I state PPP EVs use existing infrasture (NO charging stations as PPP= PORTABLE POWER PLANTS which upon reaching their destination, plug into the grid supplying grid with 100 KWs (or more) while paying consumer / PPP EV owner residual revenues moment to moment thus providing immediate RETIREMENT income (as in no more job!!!!).

"For achieving industrial development and environmental protection, this is a win-win," the state council said in a statement on Wednesday. Can you imagine what the state council will say let alone react when they find out about PPP EVs? I noticed my website visits over past year from China especially rolling 30 day visits average well over 300 from 12+ cities in China - someone there has interest! If anyone there reads this article and has connections to the state council, by all means contact me - I will pay a "finder's fee / broker's commission." You will be instrumental in offering Prosperity to China and all fellow citizens, let alone solving economic & environmental issues! You will also aid in setting off the Economic & Industrial Revolution(s) I described in previous articles on this site - in short solve the clean renewable energy supply to grid while allowing millions (5 million by 2020) fellow Chinese citizens to "retire" ( it takes MONEY NOT age to retire) who in turn stimulate your economy as they have "disposable income" which they will spend now also having the "luxury" of time!

The alternative would be waiting until post flight of the "Renewed American Spirit" = ultralight landing in Paris & at that point China would have to get in line behind other countries of the world seeking to license production of "the package" / PPP EVs - why wait?

Through PPP EVs any country has the opportunity to dominate world economies (even currencies); China is now in position to do this ...immediately. Looks to me like China, without knowing about PPP EVs, already CAUGHT "Renewed American Spirit"......(hey China ...You Go Girl!)

"Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On "

If you still haven't viewed video on home page, here is link:

Bob Stevens