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Capitalism In Its Purest Form Transforms Socialism Into Prosperity For All

Posted on Tuesday, February 04, 2014 4:19 PM

Hello & Welcome Everyone !

Today I decided to publish / post portions of my Technical Paper explaining my invention & Global implementation approach for "Dispersed Autonomous Energy."

This paper also supports my 2 statements / assertions :

"Capitalism In Its Purest Form Transforms Socialism Into Prosperity For All"

"True Sustainable Energy Also Creates Sustainable Residual Revenue Streams For ALL "

Technical Paper: Energy Miser / ORC & Brayton Cycle Fuel Cell by Bob Stevens

Definition & Operation ORC Fuel Cell

- What is an ORC / Brayton Cycle Fuel Cell? “ORC” or Organic Rankine Cycle Fuel Cell working fluid(s) operate on the ORC principle – temperatures < 125 degrees F; Brayton Cycle operates on super critical CO2 pressure / temperature using CO2 as working fluid.

· When either fuel cell type couples to an electric generator via an interface, electricity output per / on demand or desired amount results.

· The ORC / Brayton Cycle Fuel Cell are designed to output “24/7” for 20 years. Being “self contained,” does not require additional “fuel” or charge / recharging – this is revolutionary.

· ORC & Brayton Cycle Fuel Cell – interface – generators (the “package”) have no emission / carbon footprint(s) – “zero emission(s).”

· ORC & Brayton Cycle Fuel Cell(s) is / are truly sustainable, not codependent on weather, sunlight or wind.

· ORC & Brayton Cycle Fuel Cell(s) use existing “geographic footprints.”

Overnight Industrial Revolution

· Applied to EV (Electric Vehicle) transportation, a “package” consisting of an ORC Fuel Cell / Interface / Generator dropped into any EV displaces / eliminates need for lithium batteries especially their prohibitive cost(s) – range $25,000 to $65,000 (Tesla EVs).

· “Package”- into – EV approach literally transforms any EV into a “Portable Power Plant” hitherto referred to as “PPP.”

· “Package” equipped EVs are henceforth referred to as “PPP EVs.”

· “1 Generation“PPP EVs output = 50kw; “2 Generation” output = 100kw.

· When a PPP EV arrives home / at work / shopping mall, destination - for example home - plugs into the PPP EV providing home with all electric needs selling excess back to grid.

· PPP EV owner benefits- “free utilities at home”/ immediate retirement income from grid revenues / free “fuel” for the next 20 years of driving.

· PPP EVs have unlimited cruise range.

2022 Mandate 25% Grid supply

  • Current White House Green Energy Mandate imposes on all states purchasing of unsustainable green energy in the form of solar & wind.
  • States must comply by as early as 2022 – 8 years from now.
  • Grid supply from these type sources mandated minimum 25%; ORC Fuel Cell qualifies for this “type” grid energy supply.
  • PPP EVs qualify for 25% mandated supply.
  • Buy back rate varies by state. Delaware buys @ 6.5 cents for ORC package “type.”
  • 1 Generation PPP EVs 50kw @ 6.5 cents buy back = $28,472 annual grid revenue.
  • Purchase of 2 - 50kw PPP EVs @ 6.5 cents buy back = $56,946 annual grid revenue.
  • Purchase of especially 2 PPP EVs - 50kw means immediate retirement (as opposed to new job “creation” for the approx 100+ million unemployed / underemployed Americans).

Complete Cooperation

  • Complete cooperation from “the top” of Federal government including especially IRS, DOT, DOE & ARPA-E through state government(s) & local grid supply companies is critical to program implementation & success.
  • “Switchback(s)” provided by Federal funding to states / local grid supply companies quickly implements necessary switchback equipment infrastructures at homes, workplaces & shopping centers/malls.
  • Similar to EV charging stations, PPP EV owners would plug their destination points (homes etc) into PPP EV using a special “credit card” paying the card for grid supply.
  • AT point of EV PPP sale i.e. dealership, local grid supply companies working with local banks finance PPP EV purchaser via renewable 10 year grid supply contract as “loan guarantee” thus anyone qualifies for “financing.”
  • Energy Miser & Car manufacturers participate in residual grid revenues per PPP EV at agreed % (5% currently proposed) = long term residual revenue.


  • IRS income tax on grid revenues to PPP EV owners 7% flat rate displaces current tax credit(s) to EV & hybrid purchasers. NO additional deductions such as “equipment depreciation” permitted thus enhanced vs. “sheltered” revenue.
  • 7% income tax flat tax rate for grid income / revenue is additional incentive to PPP EV purchasers providing immediate retirement income.
  • Immediate retirement vs. new job creation – immediately displaces need of new job creation affording PPP EV purchaser to retire from work force upon receipt of 1 grid revenue check.
  • Extended unemployment checks / food stamp programs phased out / completely displaced / eliminated (along with Trillion dollar tax hikes financing programs) via the unemployed / food stamp recipients participating in “PPP EV purchasing programs.” In a matter of months any country’s economic situation – unemployment checks / food stamps / healthcare transformed into prosperous PPP EV owners & elimination of new job creation displaced by immediate retirement program (= purchase 1 or 2 + PPPs).
  • Larger stationary 1MW grid supply units existing footprints constructed while PPP EVs supply energy to grid via “modular” method (although large numbers of PPP EVs concentrated in areas render this obsolete & unnecessary).
  • Modular method grid supply should not be underestimated – 100,000 50kw PPP EVs sold in any state / area provide 5,000,000KW or 5GW.
  • New Jersey’s 4 nuclear power plants output – Hope Creek 1.268 GW, Oyster Creek (oldest USA 1969) .636 GW, Salem 2 plant combined output 2.275 GW TOTAL 4 plants output = 4.179 GW vs. 5 GW PPP EV 100,000 units @ 50 KW!
  • Current cost to build a nuclear power plant approximately $15 billion; footprint 600- 900 acres. Construction time: years.
  • Existing EV production assembly line infrastructure with 50%+ savings by replacing lithium batteries (+costs) with “package” & no footprint / no carbon footprint for PPP EVs.

Conclusions & Epilogue

  • The ORC / Brayton Cycle Fuel Cell not only by relative comparison creates an “overnight” (rapid) Industrial & Economic Revolution(s), it universally introduces prosperity (vs. so called recovery) resolving major economic issues with great social impact.
  • Utilizing existing infrastructure & geographic footprint along with true sustainable green energy having zero emissions / carbon footprint, sets the ORC & Brayton Cycle Fuel Cell(s) approach in a world class of its own.
  • PPP EVs have unlimited cruise range
  • High taxes / multi-$trillion national debts necessary to pay for entitlement, unemployment, food stamp healthcare programs are eliminated / displaced by “immediate retirement” afforded via purchase of 1 or more PPP EVs. To raise the prosperity of any individual or nation, first raise the self image allowing individual to stand on their own. Capitalism in its purest form transforms socialism into prosperity.
  • "Anything thing relying on tax subsidies / credits is not “sustainable,” intimately connected to / codependent upon tax revenues ultimately suffer / collapse in times of economic recession & depression. Spain’s economic plight is a perfect example of national reliance on unsustainable especially solar & wind. Spain & Spain’s taxpayers now owe +$33 BILLION to grid solar suppliers. “Solar panel owners penalized for hookup & sell back to Grid” – law passed in August, 2013.
  • "True Sustainable energy also produces sustainable revenue streams for all."
  • The EV manufacturer who “capitalizes” on the PPP concept approach becomes “immortal” dominating global market demand for both EV transportation & more significantly “powering national grids.
  • The person or country that controls energy (supply) controls the world.
  • Supplying the world with PPP EVs will not only generate immediate, predictable profit(s), but residual fortunes supplying the grid – this cannot be emphasized enough.
  • Taken to the ultimate, any country basing their currency valuation on domestically produced sustainable green energy versus the price of the barrel crude, their currency becomes world dominate & secure/stable while price of the barrel crude based currencies along with value of crude oil plummets.
  • If the United States bases the dollar valuation on domestically produced sustainable green energy (ORC FC PPP EV method), any country basing their currency on the U.S. dollar shares the prosperity / security / stability of the U.S. dollar resurrecting the dollar & securing world currency dominance.
  • Depressions / Recessions / “Economic Downturns” become immediate dinosaurs – a thing of the past. “Genesis Effect” revives auto industry & especially Detroit.

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens