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Boeing's New EMP Drone !

Bob Stevens: Posted on Sunday, May 24, 2015 11:40 AM

Hello Everyone & Welcome Back !

This morning I came across this article (link):


which is about Boeing's new EMP Electromagnetic Pulse drone weapon. This was / remains entirely predictable meaning someone / country would develop weapons applications of EMP / Electromagnetic Pulse. I noticed article focused on weapons application namely preventing opposing (enemy) successful functioning of electronics & electronic governed devices ( any system with electronic control such as rockets -guidance systems, planes, radar, surveillance etc. ) making no mention of solar / sun EMP events especially the impending "1859 Carrington Event" which everyone agrees will strike in the next 9 years. When this happens, no one really knows, but the disastrous after effect(s) is preventable.

Article even displayed impact (likely) area in the USA showing where a high altitude EMP ( nuclear) device detonated, would damage / wipe out. The impact area pales in comparison to the global devastation a Carrington event would cause. I also observed (and project), if a "fleet" of EMP drones were to be deployed, they would afford "rolling protection" in the form of EMP proof "shield" (remember "Star Wars" - President Reagan's satellite shield against nuclear weapons?) In my view, as nuclear missiles have electronic -esp satellite up linked guidance systems, they would be rendered ineffective by such a "rolling shield" thereby unable to strike designated targets.

Again the focus here is not the impending Carrington sized event(s), but immediate warfare (business as usual). Would the "rolling shield" EMP drone approach work neutralizing solar (sun) caused EMP events? No, it would not because these weapons are directed - targeting a specific target where incoming is both clearly identified and "local."

Best EMP protection against solar caused (more devastating) events, remains conventional Faraday shielding, which also easily protects against man made EMP generators or nuclear detonation caused EMP.

If any of the above is confusing, I recommend (as usual) reader go to previous blog articles I posted here ob site to review specific articles dealing with EMP & EMP events / impact.

PPP EVs ( Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles ) are EMP protected therefore unaffected by naturally occurring (solar EMP flares) or man made whether nuclear device triggered or EMP pulse generated.

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Bob Stevens