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Renewed American Spirit

Renewed American Spirit strives to meet highest standard of integrity informing viewers of global changing technology raising standard of life for entire Human Race of which we are all equal family members of!

Catch It ~ Pass It On!

Bob Stevens: Posted on Thursday, November 01, 2018 2:29 PM

November 1, 2018

Hello and Welcome Everyone

Again I am remiss in not posting sooner especially with current multiple events. Today I want to cover Heroes versus Cowards (ALL BULLIES are COWARDS!) and FACTS versus LIES.

One “reporting” you’ll never find via main stream media HOs is accurate (versus LIES) reporting (versus FABRICATION of THEIR propaganda). I was astounded by the complete disregard let alone any objective documentation of response by WE the PEOPLE to hurricanes – in particular, the panhandle of Florida. WE the PEOPLE – AMERICANS – responded immediately from all over the country using their own resources – money, food gasoline, power generators, assistance helping tarp cover destroyed homes and most of all – literally risking their lives saving would be drowning victims! There are tens of thousands of HEROES who participated yet not ONE word from the media HOs!

Heroes take immediate action risking all for the sake of helping other human beings. They do this quietly without encouragement of any kind and seek NO compensation for their bravery! They act compassionately and spontaneously - mark of true leadership. They never seek “glory” or worship often embarrassed by such attention. They are true role models for our children, setting a compassionate example and the bar for excellence high. THEIR EXAMPLE AND ACTIONS DEFINE WE the PEOPLE‘s CHARACTER DEFINING AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM!

All bullies are COWARDS, they ATTACK (think DAMN-O-CRAPS) an individual in SUPERIOR NUMBERS = MOBS!- complete with provocative name calling and physical VIOLENCE using LIES to justify. Other than MOB VIOLENCE, they have NO standard of “fair play” (MOB VIOLENCE IS THEIR “fair play”) let alone compassion for their fellow HUMAN BEINGS who they consider “smelly Wal-Mart people or basket(s) of deplorable(s)!” Their VIOLENT, INTOLERANT, DISPICTABLE, UNLAWFUL, INHUMANE and most of all RAGEFUL ACTIONS define who they really are no matter how much they LIE about their REAL and HIDDEN agenda!

FACTS stand alone and cannot be divided – PERIOD! We are ALL EQUAL FAMILY MEMBERS of the HUMAN RACE! NOW come DAMN-O-CRAPS with their media HO voice piece SEGREGATING ALL via SKIN COLOR, gender, education, religion, political views, physical attributes, age – they divide us into THEIR cages / prisons pitting one against another doing violence and death, all based on LIES promoting their ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT UNDER THEM AGENDA!

ALL HUMAN BELIEFS ARE BASED ON HUMAN OPINION WHEN FOLLOWED END IN INEVITABLE DISASTER! Where FACTS exists, there is NO need of “belief!” The DAMN-O-CRAP / BULLY / COWARD METHOD of attack is LIE about the FACTS (using human belief and opinion), then ATTACK an unaware, defenseless individual (unannounced – think Pearl Harbor style attack except on one person via the media HOs), thus dividing and conquering instilling FEAR in ALL to CONTROL the masses (when you see an ANGRY person, you see a person who lives in FEAR! VIOLENCE IS THE ULTIMATE OUTCOME OF ANYONE LIVING IN FEAR/LIES!). The left via their media HOs, play on human opinion and belief via carefully scripted, word – for –word (identical) PROPAGANDA broadcast(s) 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Their ATTACK is upon the entire HUMAN RACE with ultimate goal of imprisoning via FEAR, HUMILIATING then VIOLENTLY FORCING the entire HUMAN RACE into submission to their dominating over rule! THIS is WHY taking away OUR guns is VITAL to them as it leaves WE the PEOPLE totally vulnerable especially when the left declares Martial law then proceeds to eliminate us!

Americans now finally see through the left and especially the left’s agenda. The media HOs have NO credibility (remember when you have the FACTS, there is NO need for “belief”) and still don’t get it = they exposed themselves via their constant ATTACKS on PRESIDENT Trump and WE the PEOPLE especially they assume they control via PROPAGANDA and can shape our thought and actions. The left insists on total thought and speech control conforming to their DOUBLE STANDARD with them in total control of every aspect of OUR lives – OBVIOUSLY they replace the Creator with THEIR ideology.

In the end, the left along with their media HOS WILL go down in history as ultimate failures in the socialist dictation “moment.” WE the PEOPLE will prevail as will the Human Race –restored through Prosperity as promoted by the flight of the “Renewed American Spirit!” 

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On!

Bob Stevens