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Been a while!

Posted on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 10:53 AM

Hi Everyone!

It's been a while since I posted here due to activity increase with project. Although site visits now exceed 20 daily & YouTube visits are expanding daily, still no donations or DVD purchasers! I need your support. IF you are in favor of unifying our country now & in favor of demonstrating the answer to worldwide energy crisis, please buy DVD &/or donate to crowd funding site.

I continue work on ring tones & I-Tune download of my song "Hang Gliding" & expect to have both available soon.

Here's some exciting news - from a previous contact, I now have interest from a Venture Capitalist in funding entire Phase 1 $90K ! This means I could complete -as stated- the ORC fuel cell interface generator "package" then demo it to one power supply company (a CEO contact I made last October). This means I could complete Phase 1 while funds to pay back this investor accumulate from crowd funding donations & DVD purchases.

Phase 1 completion also means the "package" can be dropped into ultralight. I am also offering "exclusive broadcast rights" to 1 major news network - they have not as yet responded....

Everything takes time!! Even for the YouTube video to really catch on, so please tell all your friends / share this site & esp video (people can now click on DVD image on home page) / twitter & Facebook all your contacts = TOGETHER as in UNITED we can make this a reality! REUNITED we STAND as already, divided we fell, NOW is the time to come together, unite, pull our country back together & most of all LEAD the way by example = follow each of our inner driven vision missions - bring them into reality; LEAD by EXAMPLE which always motivates & excites others! This is what the world looks to AMERICA & ALL AMERICANS for; this is our answer.

Site views are expanding all over the world! New countries include Germany with 15 visits from Frankfurt Am Main in past 3 days; Ukraine with 10 visits; Romania with 15 this week; Bulgaria with 1 - while China & Ireland seem to have a competition going (unknown to each other) for country with most visits! Sunnyvale , California had as many as 205 visits over past 30 days & when added to entire San Francisco area account for over 300 site views to website for "rolling 30 day period!" If all viewers continue on to YouTube, the view numbers on YouTube will explode = go viral. I think when this happens the DVD sales will also explode thus raising much needed capital.

Again, I rely on ALL of you, your excitement, enthusiasm, support & esp your getting the word out worldwide to make this vision a reality 

                                   "Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On!!"

Bob Stevens