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Auto Manufacturers Move To Fuel Cells

Posted on Monday, January 13, 2014 12:33 PM

Hello & Greetings Worldwide Fans !

Recently there are moves worldwide to hydrogen fuel cell fueled vehicles by several manufacturers including Honda, Hyundai & Toyota. This seems precarious to me as there is no supporting infrastructure to refuel vehicles.

Hyundai will offer free dealer supplied hydrogen in local areas of California, however when you consider the cruising range - approximately 300 miles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are very limited mostly to local driving & perhaps short trips.

In my case, I live just north of Washington, DC. If I were to drive a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle to the beach - approximately 164 miles one way - I would not make it back home. There is no existing infrastructure of hydrogen fuel stations not only in the USA, but most countries. I expect the price of hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles will be higher than gasoline fueled vehicles and unlike huge tax subsidies given electric or hybrid vehicles, there will be no or little tax subsidies given to them. Remember : ANYTHING which must be subsidized & does not stand on its own, will not endure & is NOT "sustainable!"

The time and amount of money it will take to build hydrogen refuel station networks throughout the USA or any country present major hurdles! Now compare my ORC Fuel Cell generator package EVs - actually portable power plants (PPP). Uses existing infrastructure both in manufacturing & needing no additional as no charging / refueling necessary !

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Bob Stevens