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About Us

“ Renewed American Spirit 

In 1903, the Wright brothers flew by today’s international definition, an ultralight. Powered heavier than air flight began in the USA that day at Kitty Hawk, but was never “completed.”

In 1927, Charles Lindbergh’s “Spirit of St. Louis” used 450 gallons of gasoline weighing nearly 2800 pounds flying non-stop from NY to Paris.

Americans were the first to fly powered aircraft and went on to be the first & only to land on the moon as the entire world watched on television in awe.

Presently all Americans are divided by the "media hos" & politicians according to race, religion, economics, politics – pretty much everything. Making matters far worse, our national pride was taken from us then replaced with a “sense of national guilt - being American is wrong & the source of world problems.” This is simply not the case and all of us are fed up with being indoctrinated by the media HOs & politicians with their manufactured propaganda – aimed at dividing then conquering us, while they stay in power & money. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” We must come together now - one nation – as originally intended & fought for- one people made up of all people of the world, celebrating not polarizing our differences by taking back our mutual prosperous destiny, reestablish freedom, prosperity, justice and especially our “can do, independent, innovative spirit.” The field of blue in our flag stands for unity; the name of our country is the UNITED States of America – so where did we “go wrong” allowing ourselves to be manipulated to this current point of dysfunction? We are not and never were a nation of codependents - especially codependent on entrapping government handouts, but are a nation of independents uniting by choice as inter-dependents. ALL of us -equal members of the HUMAN RACE- are special having & tapping greatness within to offer the world - we will no longer be denied opportunity to unite and demonstrate our individual goals, aspirations, hopes & most all - our individual Intuition vision driven mission(s).

We need to look back to our humble beginnings then reawaken & renew what made our country great.

What makes America great is the spirit from what “composes us” – the entire Human Race- all people, all religions - the best people the world offers. Brave people of vision who gave up everything from where they came, fleeing political & religious oppression arriving with nothing and sometimes dying in the process. All were welcomed and none admitted according to skin color, religion, politics or economic standing – there were no “ pre - qualifiers ” or standards imposed and same today's politicians via their media HOs impose.

The world today looks to America & all Americans for leadership and what do they find? They find a divided country and people brainwashed to be ashamed of mutual heritage that saved the world’s freedoms many times in the past, through WWI, WWII through the present. The price of FREEdom is never free. America’s greatness came from individual effort coming together as one people defending our freedoms - united we stood and can stand again. The price is simple, but not often easy or convenient: backbone – demonstrate our individual courage as we unify demonstrating 1+1 does not equal 2, instead = 11. Toss all FEAR to the wind, then charge forward.

We are all encouraged when we witness post disaster(s) – Americans roving the country volunteering & rebuilding – giving to other Americans from the heart like Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico & California. We build on these examples now coming together – united as one people.

The mission of the all electric ultralight named “Renewed American Spirit” flight is to reawaken and renew that indomitable, innovative, rise to the challenge Spirit - bring out the best in all that feeling & Spirit which defines American Exceptionalism and our common heritage. What we do in the present defines tomorrow – our mutual future. The world’s children especially America’s children are the future. What example do “We the People” – the parents – now set for them to aspire to? Are we so distracted with scraping up enough money to buy half a tank of gasoline, groceries, pay rent & utilities – in short survival, we allow ourselves to look away from reality? When do we choose to come together as one then put an end to the politicians' & their media HOs' fabricated nightmare? We are all in this media HOs & politically created mess together & it is up to us to rise to the challenge now –coming together & uniting - take back our freedoms from anyone who dare deny us, come together as one people who never again will allow themselves to be divided for another’s gain no matter who that person or persons pretend(s) to be. All Americans are unique having something special inside - a vision driven mission to accomplish this uniqueness benefiting all others. All Americans are best at being Americans – demonstrating leadership, helping others (generosity), giving direction & hope to the rest of the world. The world looks to all of us now – what is our answer?

Technology and “The Plan”

“Renewed American Spirit” will use an ORC fuel cell I invented to “fuel” its electric motor. The fuel cell connected to an electric generator powers the electric motor driving the propeller. Literally, there are no range limitations. This is breakthrough & innovative technology - completely unknown to the industry or public. The “Spirit of St. Louis” carried 450 gallons of fuel – the “Renewed American Spirit” will carry none!

The ORC fuel cell was intended for 2 purposes: (1) Grid supply thus creating Prosperity for 95 million Americans (2) Fuel cell generator package for transportation – all electric vehicles, boats, small planes etc. The ORC fuel cell has no exhaust, emissions, carbon footprint, is a sustainable & alternative green energy source.

Flight plan calls for flying from the starting point of Seattle, Washington, connecting to 3-4 other cities per day prerecording evening news “spots” promoting the website, public interaction & participation – in reality building excitement and a following. Daily flights are weather dependent and will take place over a period of days until reaching departure point for Paris – Garden City, New York (Long Island).

Plan calls for taking off from exactly the spot where Charles Lindbergh’s “Spirit of St. Louis” departed – then Curtis Field; today Transverse Drive behind Source Mall, complete with concrete marker where the wheels of Lindbergh’s plane actually left the ground! Today Le Bourget is a private, commercial airport. Landing an ultralight is not permitted. Several preselected landing areas are designated in Paris, but are not –as yet- cleared for landing. One spot includes the river surrounding the Eiffel Tower (ultralight is an amphibian).

Trans USA & trans Atlantic non-stop flights will be monitored via audio / video interactive, on board digital cameras up linked to satellite then down linked to the worldwide web.

I extend my personal invitation to all of you - join me now in reawakening & renewing your American Spirit, your Intuition vision driven mission and participating in this great adventure, most of all thank you for your response, excitement, enthusiasm & support!

"Renewed American Spirit

Uniting ALL Americans NOW

Catch It Then Pass It On!"

Bob Stevens