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20 Year Grid Contracts Implement Prosperity & New Wealth Inversely

Bob Stevens: Posted on Monday, August 22, 2016 4:34 PM

                                                  Hello Everyone and Welcome Back!

Today I will outline the true "vision" with resulting impact of both PPP EVs and Capitalism.

“ In Its Purest Form, Capitalism Transforms Socialism (POVERTY divided Equally) Into Prosperity For All “

The proposed 20 year grid supply contract of PPP EV to National grid is a negotiable financial instrument. It is guaranteed by the feds and paid monthly for 20 years. This creates new wealth distributing it inversely namely majority of residual revenue at the “base” – PPP EV owner.

In the example of $20,000 / month to the PPP EV owner, after deducting even $1000 for cost of loan, $19,000 remains. This example completely exposes and disarms the “1%” owning / stealing the “wealth” of a nation away from the populous, argument / LIE (lying politicians GET A LIFE!). Loan issued by local bank at point of sale of also serves as collateral / “pre-approved” loan for new purchases. Big ticket items like new homes, student loans (pay off existing or finance new ones), luxury items like exotic cars or yachts etc., use little of the remaining $19,000.

Essentially grid contract substantially "fuels" / contributes funding to consumer demand creating new wealth & new jobs sustainable cycle extending (vastly) at every level the “tax base” compelling & enabling substantial tax rate reduction(s).

With overflowing federal revenue coiffures, national deficits are quickly eliminated becoming a dinosaur (of the past). Above illustration clearly underscores (not undermines) this point – Pure Capitalism IS A Economic SUSTAINABLE Growth Cycle creating new wealth & inversely distributing it at the base (bottom up) with majority at the base automatically expanding the tax base compelling tax rate reduction(s).

Fundamental to Capitalism / Capitalist Sustainable Economic Growth Cycle IS EXPAND THE TAX BASE so tax rates decrease while federal coiffures overflow! Greedy and corrupt politicians changed this vital premise. Over the centuries from the founding of America, politicians diverted & corrupted ultimately destroyed the original “Purest Form of Capitalism” via taxation, politics & political arguments (LIES) -turned punitive threats (heavy taxation), finally adversely& maliciously labeling Pure Capitalism -which automatically produces individual economic freedom & independence- as environmental ( and social ) pollution / terrorism "caused" by "We The People" = politically targeted victims of THEIR political agenda / political terrorism!

Fed into their state controlled willing vocal prostitute the media, entire national populations -USA & abroad- were force fed LIES & propaganda to the current point where the PEOPLE SERVE THE GOVERNMENT & ITS EVERY WHIM / LIE WHILE PAYING VERY DEARLY FOR THIS SURRENDERING THEIR ASSETS & FREEDOM.

If you want to cook a frog, you place the frog into warm water then turn up the heat to boiling for if you throw a frog into boiling water, it will jump out. Crafty politicians MANIPULATED / enslaved all of us into a “pot of crabs” for if you place 1 crab into a pot it will escape, but when several crabs are in a pot, NONE of them allow any 1 crab to escape – they pull the would be escapee back!!

Politicians did this to all of us and continue doing this using FEAR with resulting anger & violence via skin color, religion, “class” (“economics”/ CASTE SYSTEM they created to impoverish then control us with), age, body size, gender and most of all “politics.”

Economically speaking when combined with the American Spirit of Free Enterprise unhindered by government & instead enabled by government, Pure Capitalism applying its Capitalist Sustainable Economic Growth Cycle IS the very foundation & premise of “American Capitalism” enabling & empowering the concept of “American Exceptionalism!”

20 year grid contract residual revenues will completely eradicate at every level what the politicians did to us and our once great nation then restore our great nation ~ American Exceptionalism!

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On “

Bob Stevens