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"The Balance of Power"

Posted on Sunday, March 09, 2014 7:05 PM

Hello Everyone & Welcome!

Today's post will be a short one & bring out new points based on the last 2 blogs I posted. You may want to review those 2 blogs.

I mentioned before, IF you put all the "problems" / issues of the world into one word, what would that word be? Answer: energy. The country or people who control energy, control the world. Wars are fought over who controls the oil & gas reserves like now in the Ukraine whose natural gas pipelines - 3 - supply western Europe from Russia.

How big a nuclear arsenal or standing army do U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Nigeria or for that matter any oil exporting country? OPEC has no nuclear arsenal for all they have to do is cut off all exports should any country threaten to invade them.

Heretofore, the balance of power was based upon nuclear arsenal & standing army size. Even when standing armies were smaller than nuclear arsenals, the nuclear deterrent - "Peace Through Power" President Ronald Reagan - determined the balance of power.

All this changes now with dispersed autonomous energy through P.P.P. E.V.s (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles). What would the outcome be now in the Ukraine if 200, 000 P.P.P. E.V.s @ 50 KW were imported? Total output @ 50 KW / P.P.P.E.V. is 10 GW.

There would also be 200,000 people retired - it takes money NOT age to retire! The economy would be thriving as 200,000 people have disposable income, time & retirement in their hands. Of course any country can import many more P.P.P. E.V.s than only 200,000!

What would happen to "former" natural gas customers of Russia's = western Europe when each country imports millions of P.P.P. E.V.s ? Demand for Russia's natural gas disappears literally overnight ! An Industrial, Economic & Social peaceful Revolution takes place overnight with no armies, no invasions, no nuclear arsenals, no bloodshed & no politics.

What point would there be for Russia to invade then annex Crimea? The former natural gas customers / western European countries no longer exist. Russia would waste its time, lives, money, resources based on a no gain scenario = no point to invade. Russia would do better to import surplus electric from western Europe & the Ukraine.

The point I try to make is dispersed autonomous energy through P.P.P. E.V.s change the balance of power forever - peacefully through economic means with prosperity for all! Thus Capitalism transforms socialism into prosperity for all.

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens March 10, 2014