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"Sustainable" ONLY If Stands On Own !

Bob Stevens: Posted on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 3:32 PM

Hello Everyone - USA & Worldwide Fans!

I would like to begin by welcoming newest visitor from Kavadarci, Macedonia ! I continue to be impressed by ALL countries worldwide visiting this site. Your numbers are far greater than those visiting from my own country - USA. I expect this will change when actual flight takes place and my fellow Americans become aware of it.

"Sustainable" when used as a descriptive word for renewable, green energy, can ONLY be true if energy source / means / project / type stands on its own - NOT subsidized by country's tax credits & subsidies via taxpayers. When taxpayers bear the burden of supporting a NON as in NOT sustainable energy, total economic collapse is inevitable!

Unfortunately for Spain, which pursued both wind & especially solar for over 10 years, their economy is nearly collapsed. The younger college educated generation refers to themselves as "THE LOST GENERATION" - see YouTube video. Jobs - of any type- are NOT available / non existent, they are forced to live with parents even into their 30's, energy prices are high (Spain now owes grid electric supply companies over 26 BILLION Euros). Future outlook is bleak at best.

Spain found out the hard way, wind & especially solar is yet another HOAX / LIE as IS "global warming." Here in the USA, the LIES & HOAX(es) of both global warming & "Affordable" Health Care ( in reality the BIGGEST TAX law unlawfully / illegally / UNCONSTITUTIONALLY "passed" - since it was NOT passed by Congress-House of Representatives, but by a Supreme Court judge overstepping his authority - NOT granted him by the U.S. Constitution which allows ONLY House of Representatives to raise taxes- ) are DWARFED in comparison to the LIES / HOAX(es) of wind & solar being labelled "sustainable." Without $BILLIONS of taxpayer revenue(s), both solar & wind are doomed to total collapse already unfolding now.

This FACT explains WHY the Democrats & current premier raise every tax possible under every guise - such as "affordable" health care law. ALL aimed at raising sufficient revenue to save their energy agenda solar & wind. BTW, when you combine federal "ownership" of USA economy via approx. 16% health "care" with other 80+% energy, the "feds" / Democrats now own nearly the entire USA economy! This will never work. Like Spain, even if you SHAKE DOWN the entire population & future generations for tax revenues, there is NO way to then support MASSIVE entitlements, labor union & government (federal, state & local) pensions!

There is a 45 miute video entitled "Windfall" - a factual account of Meredith, NY (upper state NY) small town which "sold out" to wind promoters. I highly recommend you watch this video to witness sole & inevitable outcome of wind. Again an entire industry SUBSIDIZED by taxpayers collapsing as it was never intended to be sustainable - ONLY profitable for government & big business!

Last August (2013), Spain passed a law penalizing solar panel owners both ways - if you own solar panels & haven't hooked into the grid you must by law & at your own expense, connect to the grid then pay huge tax penalties for supplying grid with solar!

With my ORC fuel cell transportation side application, I predict for countries like Spain literal overnight recoveries with immediate prosperity! Here's how: my ORC fuel cell "package" proof of concept via flight of the Renewed American Spirit trans USA then to Paris, France non stop & return, dropped into production line EVs creates a "portable electric generator" thus upon return to home from driving, home is plugged into EV both to power home & sell surplus to grid for monthly "paycheck" / revenue!

In mass production, my "package" dropped into EVs uses existing infrastructure both for assembly & powering grid(s) from homes. Monthly paychecks to EV owners for powering their local grid, enables them not to seek employment & become financially independent (depending on how many EVs they own). Labor union pensions funding supplied from grid revenue sharing thus bringing down labor costs & relieving pension funding burdens to labor unions - again shared prosperity on an incentive bases - true capitalism!

Taken to the next logical step & as I mentioned in previous articles below, any country changing the valuation of their currency from the USA dollar - in reality all currencies are based on the "price of the barrel crude!" - to domestically produced true SUSTAINABLE green ORC fuel cell energy, becomes economically sound / solid / prosperous literally overnight. This happens while their grid transitions to ORC fuel cell power from current supply.

The "plan" is simple & effective: mass produce "portable power generators" = EVs while grid transitions from current to ORC fuel cell.

I would like to invite you to view the free video "Renewed American Spirit"

top left of home page if you haven't already done so. You will find great significance of it especially when re reading these blog articles!

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens